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Monday, July 06, 2009

The world of many hats

Have you ever noticed how people wear different hats? This is over course metaphorically and when I refer to hats I am thinking in terms of attitudes, actions and personality.

For instance, a co-worker who is cashier supervisor is this elegant, gentle, sweet and kind person, someone you’d like to talk too, but once she is at work again she is a cashier Nazi of all bossiness on a friggen power trip, like she is trying to prove how awesome she is. Lets face she is mean! She can’t even ask you to do something in a nice way. Sadly most of my fellow cashiers only seem to see this particular hat she wears. I am not sure if she is aware of this or perhaps she feels she has to act like this to prove herself. When she is like this I can’t stand her, but then I remind myself of the really nice person I chat with on my breaks sometimes. She even cheered me up once when I had a bad day. :) It’s like she is the same person, but there are two separate sides, two different hats she wears. It’s weird because she is still the same person and I like her, she is still herself.

Then there is my friend from church, who also happens to be a pastor. You would never know he is a pastor, much less a Christian unless he told you or unless you already knew he was. The thing is he is so genuine at church and on the outside it is hard not to like him. On one end he is this charismatic, people person who is brilliant with words (I really envy his talent) and shares his beliefs openly if you ask him, but he wouldn’t try to push it on you. Oddly this is one both sides of him. The change in the hats he wears isn’t as noticeable as some people. Sometimes he comes across as arrogant, but if you get to know him its merely confidence. He kind of just glides between hats gracefully the line is blurred yet you know he is wearing a different face when he is not doing church things. Perhaps the hats are blended together because he is so genuine. In fact he is so charming that he leaves people in awe of him. Men want to be his best buddy in the entire world and woman are totally enamoured to the point they want to marry him and have his future babies. He is blessed as he claims to be “really, really good looking,” as well as beautiful on the inside. I’ve heard women after he has left the building, as if he owns it I might add express how they want to do naughty things with him. This really kind of annoys me because he is more than just a good looking guy, an object of sexual desire, its as if his looks are another hat he wears whether he wants to or not. Although, I am pretty sure he does like wearing it. :P It just leaves me wondering if people who are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye have troubles finding someone who looks past the beauty and sees the inner beauty.

I am sure I wear many different hats too, but I am unsure of what they all are and when I am wearing them. I know I am mostly likely to change hats when I am around my mom, around my friends or at work. I think it’s because people change them without noticing. It’s just a part of them. Some are forced because you want Then same goes with my friends I see no wardrobe changes, perhaps I am so used to them I too do not notice. However my brother he wears no hats he is who he is all the time. He’d be the one person to eat hats rather then wear one, as are many of my other friends, both special needs and everyday people. I appreciate them because there are no surprises with them.

The search for my birth father begins…

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