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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Move along and prosper

This is a random conversation between my friends Matthew, Elizabeth and I after leaving the lake yesterday. It was awesome fun.

Me: I keep dreaming you’re a star ship captain
Matthew: Who Elizabeth?
Me: No you
Matthew: Nice
Me: Yes in one dream we were on this space station and we ran out of oxygen.
Matthew: We’re all doomed. Screw evacuating everyone I am out here.
Me: That’s not nice.
Matthew: So I am the captain.
Me: I think you’d make a good star ship captain.
Matthew: Thank you.
Me: I have always wanted a Star Trek themed birthday party. I want to be Spock, except I can’t because I am a girl. (Sue me I am an entire nerd.)
Elizabeth: I want to marry Spock and have his babies.
Me: Which Spock Lenard Nemoy Spock or Zachary Quinto Spock?
Elizabeth: Doesn’t matter.
Matthew: Lenard Nemoy is pretty hot.
Me: Yes he was the best Spock ever!
Matthew: Yes but he is getting pretty shrivelled now.

I shall call this moving week…

Tis Day 3 of 5.

I am supposed to be cleaning but Hev-Lady is taking a short nap. I don’t blame her the heat can take a toll on Neptunians…I mean humans. I momentarily confused characters with real people as I often do when my brain is entirely scatterbrained. Perhaps it would be easier to say that I was procrastinating as usual. So there is an entire heat wave going on right now. AN ENTIRE HEAT WAVE! And guess what mom (Hev-Lady) and I have been stuck inside packing. I feel like I am seriously melting into oblivion. It’s so hot I put a freezey on the counter, forgot about it and 5 minutes later it was melted. It almost reminds me of Australia. Now people will use the “oh you should know what this heat is like you were in a very tropical part of a country that had very hot summers…” Therefore I will not remind people of the day when it was 45 C and I was drenched in my own sweet. It was gross. I wonder if any of my Aussie friends would find this heat bad.

Anyways it’s nice to right something random and scrambled for once. So far I have been stuck in the kitchen cleaning dishes and counters, fun, fun, fun. I would rather be sitting by a fan reading a good book suffering from mental stress rather than physical, swimming with my friends and cooling off. I can’t wait till we finally move. I am also proud to say this has been a positive move to date as far as moving goes. We’ve had a head start and made sure we organized about 90 per cent of everything, which helps. Usually Hev-Lady (may she not read this and smack me silly) would be entirely crabby. Like GO AWAY I HATE YOU unless you do what I say scary or your being lazy and not doing anything. Not to mention Tony (Zack-Man) would be entirely flustered because he finds change hard to cope with. I guess we haven’t had to worry because Tony isn’t being stressed out by it; he is still coping from the big change that happened six months ago, going into care and all. The crabby dogs have replaced him. Sydney just sat there and barked at me for no particular reason then to be an ass and announce hot pissed off he is with the weather too. At least I think that’s what the voluntary spasms of dog language alerting me to. I’ve been giving him tepid baths to cool him down, but he is scared of baths because of my brother tried to give him a bath and dosed in hot water I’d be scared too, at least Sydney has avoided the microwave unlike a certain cat that I never met but was told about.

I should get back to work. I should move along and prosper….I mean live long and prosper… its ummm hot.

P.S. Budweiser beer is apparently for dirty old men.

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