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Friday, July 03, 2009

Ignorant People!!!

I had a really good day today. Firstly, I thought I worked an eight hour shift today, but then I realised once I double checked the schedule that I was four hours early. But it turned out because I hung out with my little brother instead. It was fun. Tony gave me this big hug when he saw me. It was like time stopped and all this joy came rushing along. This feeling is the best in the entire world. I had the best day because of it.

I am continually surprised by how people treat the disabled and special needs community. It irritates me to know end. I was trying to take my brother to the washroom today and a little old lady also on the way to the washroom saw that I had my brother with me. Stopped right in front of the door and refused to let us in. She just pointed at the sign that says ladies. She gave me a worried expression, “the oh boys aren’t allowed in the women’s washroom.” Yes because I could just as easily take him into the men’s? I think was pretty damn rude! When my brother has to go he has to go. I said “get over it he’s special needs. We need to get in now or he is going to pee all over the floor.” I shoved past her. AND then the stupid cow went and hid in the stall until we were finished because it was soooo embarrassing having a male in the washroom. Anyways I digress this incident really pissed me off. I detest ignorant people with the passion of a 1000 fiery suns. Grrrr…..I’m sick of there stares and there judgements.

Then a couple days before that Tony and I were at the Salvation Army dolly/ toy rescuing and I guess he made a mess as he tends to empty all the toy bins and sit in the middle of the floor and play with them. Mom and I (mostly me) then cleans up afterwards and the staff doesn’t really have a problem with it. However bitchy customers who aren’t intelligent enough to ask why or even perhaps maybe walk around him instead of nearly stepping on my brother while giving him contemptuous dirty looks seem too. So I asked one such customer what her problem was as he is special needs and if you said excuse me he is polite enough to move aside for you. She returned the judgemental look of all evilness to me. To which I shouted to my mom across the store. I wonder what peoples problems are? Needless to say I got even more mean looks. Who cares? I am tired of taking a passive viewing of ignorance towards my brother, the most genuine human being around. Anyone being indecent to my brother will have a red glowing mean scarlety big sister after them.

Oh yes I might also add Tony, his friend Sherry who is a wheel chair I might add really appreciate being nearly ran over by bikes and/or skate boards. Not to mention nearly walked into because apparently special needs people are invisible or are supposed to blend in with everyone else. Yes and it also wonderful when people use the tables which are designated for special needs people! It’s not right when someone who comes for coffee at Timmy’s feels subconscious because the only space she can get is blocking the aisle a bit. I constantly reminded her that they can walk around her. It was no big deal, but apparently it was.

Then of course on the opposite end, there are others who are the opposite who appreciate people no matter what. One of my friends is totally cool with Tony. He even put up with his bubble kisses, despite the big glob of spit on him. Even let him steal his coffee. Then there is the odd random person says hello and treats my brother like everyone should be treated. Not to mention the nice cashiers at Tim Horton who will give my brother a Tim Bit for 2 cents, just because. These people give me hope that there are still good people out there.

I like to hang around special needs people more than able bodied people sometimes because they are real. They don’t have this fa├žade going on. They are who they are. I am sick of society and there constant ideal of normality, a normality that is entirely subjective.

I think I am done with my rant now.

P.S. I’ve rescued at least 20 plus dolls now, no thanks to Tony. :P

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