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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another random rambling entry?

So I should be getting ready for work, but I’ve decided to procrastinate or set aside 30 minutes to either read or write before work. Perhaps a full 30 minutes dedicated to both if I can muster the time, but alas I slept in today. And now that I have set aside writing time I have no idea what to write about, figures. I guess this shall be another random rambling entry?

I could mention how my supervisor has been coined as my work mom by my work friends. She always talks to me in a nurturing mom type way, like not down to me like I am stupid. Did I mention I actually have work friends now? After about 7 months or more of people thinking I was too shy or snobby because I always had my head in a book. Who knew I actually had to make the effort to talk to people. Maybe it could be that I have been there almost a year and people are getting used to me.

One of my moms “friends” is a master of storytelling. She stretches the truth, telling straight out lies about my mother, the church pastor or all people, my little brother, random church members to other random church members. Some I think are intelligent to enough to see through it. She has a real talent for sucking people in, a flair with words and not in a good way. She uses them for evil for her own personal gain. Luckily as a storyteller and a person with the abilities to embellish, who unfortunately did the same thing when she was little, I am able to notice that its bull shit. It’s the tone of voice, like she is convincing herself its true as well and it’s the way she puts emphasis on her stories, the words she uses. Better yet who about another conflicting story from the person themselves? I find when people tell the truth the words come out with meaning; there is this emotion behind them, a passion of some sort. They put their trust in you and bear a part of there soul to you. When it’s a lie it feels hallow, like a story, they normally won’t even look you in the eyes, they use other peoples truth as weapons against them. I didn’t have the guts to call her on it. I feel stupid because I told her the truth because I thought I could trust her and who knows how she’ll use it against me. I should have learnt the first time because she’s done it before and it hurt my mom in the process. So I told mom and she said either I confront her or she will. I thought about tomorrow, but I am afraid I’ll get sucked in again. Not to mention if I tell her I can’t be her friend, she’ll think it’s because of my mom, which it is. So I shall stick to the truth at least I’ll be the bigger person in the end.

P.S. I’ll write more when I can actually think of something more substantial.

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