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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Global Warming: Its a Matter of Our Survival

From reading Amy’s blog, I see she has a strong passion for indigenous rights. And although it’s hard to agree with everything said, I have respect for her. We need people to campaign and take an interest in important issues in this world.

As for me, I have a growing interest in environmental issues, particularly global warming.
Greenpeace, environmentalists, conservationists, preservationists are groups of people I have great respect for. They might be seen as crazy anti-human, anti-progress tree hugging weirdoes. They tend to go to extremes, but someone has to be brave enough do it. One may say I am turning into a greenie. Of course I’m not going to tie myself to tree or join an anti whaling expedition, but I do agree the planet is dying and it needs my help even if I am just one person.

Global warming is an issue that has made its way into the news on frequent basis. Scientists warn its global issue that affects the lives of everyone and everything who call Earth their home.

Canadian Environmentalist and geneticist David Suzuki in his book It’s a Matter of our Survival, says in the world is not infinite as we may believe, but it is actually finite. Humanity has this ideal that they can fix nature and take more than it gives back believing the Earth will replenish itself magically. When really were causing more harm than good. Nothing in our evolutionary experience or social conditions prepares us for the limits of a finite world.

Suzuki compares global warming to the phenomenon biologists call “boiled frog syndrome.” Basically if they put a frog in a pot of water and gradually increase the temperature of the water from 20 degrees C to 30 degrees to 40 degrees to 90 degrees, the frog would sit there unaffected, but when the water boils at 100 degrees, the frog would die. Environmentalists and scientists often use this example as a metaphor for the human situation. We are literally heating up the world with out recognizing the danger. Scientists’ warnings go unheeded. By seeing the world as infinite rather than finite we may not be aware that our local actions have global consequences.

Because the frog has no evolutionary experience with boiling water he is unable to see it as dangerous. Just like the boiled frog our senses are not attuned to the warnings of imminent danger. We don’t feel the acidy of the rain, feel the ultra violet radiation seeping through the ozone hole, taste the toxins in our food and water, or feel the heat of global warming. Just like the frog we feel the heat as gradual, therefore endurable.

Scientists constantly warn us that a five degree rise in temperature will mean the end of life on this planet as we know it. Imagine a world of famine, disease, rising sea levels, severe storms. It is not a science fiction movie, but a reality. It’s already happening and it might too late. We all share the same air, the same ocean the same home, yet we don’t seem to understand the dangers of what we are doing.

The plight of this situation may also scare others who feel there is nothing we can do to stop what is happening, but the truth is there is. Suzuki says if we start locally it works globally. Ideally if we all do something small it becomes bigger.

For me I recycle when I can and even rescue cans, bottles thrown into the rubbish bin my flatmates. They tend to think I’m a bit strange because of it. My mom composts green waste for her plants. If you have any clothes, or items you need or like anymore you can donate to the local second hand shop or sell it at garage sale. My grandma always said that “some else’s junk is another’s treasure.” It uses more energy to make something new. Conserve energy! Why have your computer or your TV on all day if you’re not going to use or watch it? Walk to the corner store instead of driving up the street. Take public transit if applicable. It’s your choice, but I believe it’s also your responsibility as a citizen of planet Earth.

Global Warming is an issue that is under constant debate. Whether you believe it is happening or not, it wouldn’t hurt to take care of the home we live and breathe of. I am under the belief that although human rights are immensely important, so is the environment. The Earth is like an island and if we deplete the elements that sustain us there is no human rights to fight for because humanity will extinct. Remember extinct is forever there is no going back.

P.S. This just in: Fergaria-Finbarton’s neighbouring island country Ferbaria-Purpleraria has just been covered in water due to rising sea levels and a severest most terrible cyclone every recorded.

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