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Monday, April 16, 2007

I am happy and confounded!

“God is the dad and he is like a parrot.”

“The sun warms all living beings like the sun.”

By reading those last two phrases its apparent they make no sense. But they made an audible appearance in another confounding dream last night. Those two sentences were uttered when some kids read an online Bible? A Bible that is made so its “easier” to understand.

And how did it get to this point that I read this online Bible?

It was near the end of the world. Why it was near and not the end I do not know.

I was talking with my step dad in my dream, (who is a real poo head by the way.) We were discussing the end of the world. I was a young child and I was crying because I wasn’t ready for it and I was worried Jesus would leave me behind. He then suggested the Bible made for kids.

Then as I was reading it went black, the earth was burning, fire was every where. But I wasn’t scared. I was a teenager again. Then a comical cartoon looking white spider wearing a green top hat was chasing me and trying to kill me. I some how knew I was pregnant and the spider wanted to transplant his DNA into it so it could make mutant spider people. But I tricked it and the spider fell down a gap in the ground and died.

Soon after it became winter and I was standing in the middle of a frozen lake. A handsome man came to save me riding a white elephant. I then realised that this man was my husband. Then the ice began to crack and fell in.

Was that strange or what?

On Saturday night Chris, Joan and I went out clubbing. It was fun. I however under a sugar and caffeine high decided to initiate “The Philis Dance.” The floor was scarce so my dance was very much seen by others and soon after I became the centre of attention and not in a so exactly positive away a negative making fun of type way. I became very self conscious. Luckily the self conscious feeling subsided once the floor became crowed and I decided to stop caring what complete drunken strangers think.

I am happy today because I am going to attempt to make my favourite dish. Green bean casserole, which consists of canned green beans, mushroom soup and plain potato chips. I hope I remember how to make it.

P.S. Whoo! Fat Bandit! I mean boo Fat Bandit! I’M FAT!

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