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Friday, April 13, 2007

Irish Evil the sarcastic approach!

The coolest Cartoon I’ve seen in a while.

It relates to my assignment in Communication in the Digital Age, which I swear has driven me to the end of insanity and back! I’ve had enough of Wikipedia. I am almost tempted to rage Irish Evil upon many article. He he he….

Go the insanity! Snaps for madness! Jo and I have agreed to go mad together.

I’m in a very sarcastic mood.

I know when I have enough of assignments when I write the following for a television journalism assessment.

“The environmental person of all knowing expertness believes otherwise.”

Imagine if my tutors Bridget or Bruce whose names coincidentally begin with B and have very journalistic sounding names read that.

It amuses me for some reason and I am tempted to actually leave in the script.

You see my script is about global warming. Yes, yes I know global warming. Melissa is obsessed with global warming, snaps for Melissa the all knowing expert of global warmingness.

And I know I’m obsessed with global warming because I keep having nightmares about sea levels rising and drowning in a massively large ocean.

And by the end of writing this every so sarcastical entry I am finished my assignments. Yay! Although it’s Friday the 13 and it’s a very unlucky day to do assignments. That’s if you believe in superstitious mumble jumble.

Now for a brief interlude to the assignment madness…I plan to finish Superheroes during the week break. Yay! So stay tuned for a fantastical conclusion.

P.S. Whoever invented TV journalism is a poo head for making poor students work so hard and digital communication has eroded humanities ability to talk face to face. Mwhahahahahahhahhahahahha


The Inspector Person Of Two Personalities-ness said...

Dear Craig,

Yes, your sarcasm is a feature of your personality many of your acquaintances cannot imagine you without, myself included. However, television journalism is something that is not to be tempered so lightly, even for a partial journalist or astrojournalist or whatever profession it is you are pursuing nowadays.

I must go as I see that glass I hold in my hand is fast abandoning the white wine I applied to it only minutes ago, I really am enjoying it... it's aged 175 years... just the way I like it. :-)

PS: Chris wishes to know if Bridget perchance has the surname "Smith" and is of the journalist trade. If so he relates that Lynda clashed with her.


Dear Ashleigh, although I mean human Ashleigh because I don't know the deer version of Ashleigh, but I'm sure she'd be just as nerd nerdy and retarded and weird and girl.

Maybe your dreams about drowning are just because you are unconsciously sleepwalking and falling into the toilet every night. I wouldn't know what that's like because whenever I fall into things I clog them and survive because I'm fat.

I have to go and inspect the mints that I brought home from the planetarium on suspicion of contamination now.

PS: Please ask Nigel, Fergus, Finbarpurpleton, Norma, Samir and Hev-Lady to stop calling me Fatty Bumstockings.

Sarah Evans said...

Yes, i quite agree.
To me, television journalism is the heathen version of the profession - full of pregnant old lady men and women who look like pregnant old lady men.
Join the true light of investigative journalism by devoting yourself to the print branch - besides the occasional office destruction by superheroes masquerading as super villains - I am sure you will enjoy it!

From a fellow journalist,