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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gods Eye

A couple nights ago I had a truly confounding dream.

I was in a fancy 19th century living room with lush red carpets and delicately engraved artistic walls. Joan was following me around.

I saw a shelf it had a book on it. It was a magazine that profiled me as an author. I read about how my current novel Song of the Superheroes was number 3 on the best sellers list. It mentioned the sequel and other works of brilliant non-fiction novels I had written about humanity and the environment. I tried to get an idea of what it said exactly but my eyes kept drooping as if I were tired and I couldn’t open them. I would then try to read it again and the same thing would happen before I could finish the paragraph. I do remember reading about how I mentioned in the article how my friends in Australia were the most inspirational and how much I missed them and I can’t wait to come back and visit.

So I told Joan in my dream that I thought this was a divine message and she replied that it was mostly likely from the underworld. Then suddenly I saw a giant eye peering at me through the ceiling. It was God’s eye. He called my name several times. It felt an almighty presence and I knew it was God. God then said to me. “Wake up! Now! Now! Now!”

When I woke up again I was in the same living room and Joan was shouting the same thing at me repeatedly. But this time she had turned into Lisa Simpson. I then saw a fatter version of her in a purple yelling at someone on the couch. I am not sure who it is.

I woke up again in my room and I picked up a baby. It was wrapped in a purple blanket and I shouted at it “Wake up! Now! Now! Now!” I then became the baby and I saw my eye looking at me.

Then if that wasn’t strange enough I was then in the Song of the Superheroes universe and Officer Octogenarian was sleeping in the front seat of the police car and Mrs. Lachlan's Mum in the back seat yelled at him to: “Wake up! Now! Now! Now! He then shot a hole in the roof because she had startled him. Then oddly enough there was a laugh track like in the sitcoms, and mysteriously though the hole in the police car was God’s eye again looking at me.

It are was strange. I wonder what it means.

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Tohou Lidia said...

My gosh....that is the weirdest dream....EVER....

But remember how you had that dream of me in the purple sweater and the next day i was wearing one? That was kind of freaky cause i had never worn that around you before because i had got it the night before...crazy!

Remember to update me on bear and nic!
Luv Amy