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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No Dogs Allowed!

“Every human body has its optimum weight and contour, which only health and efficiency can establish. Whenever we treat women’s bodies as aesthetic objects without function we deform them and their owners.”

~Germaine Greer: The Female Eunuch.

I found that above quote interesting. It makes sense to me for some reason. When I read it, it jumped out to me among the garbled words that lay before me. Yes I’m reading the Female Eunuch. It’s strange.

I’m in a ranting type mood…so I apologise in advance if this blog entry sounds mean or whiny. I however won’t apologise for how I feel.

I’ve encountered some bad luck…

My new job ceased to exist after only 3 ½ hours. It made me mad on so many levels…Apparently according to the all knowing manager and his experience of all knowingness about the service station industry, I wasn’t suited for the job and it was better if I was told sooner than later. Rather than making me wait till the shift was over. I am not even being paid for it. Its one of the moments were I wish would have told the manager to go wank off and demand to be paid for my time. Even the enormous bowl of spaghetti I made didn’t quench my anger.

Today I was dragged around with my flatmate Maria. I don’t think she likes to be alone. I’m the exact opposite.

Here is a list off all the places we went for four long wasted hours.
  1. Cleopatra's Beauty Salon
  2. Wellness centre. Took her forever to find this place.
  3. The University
  4. Back to Cleopatra’s
  5. A Tattoo and piercing shop
  6. An adult shop. (It’s not anything X-rated.)
  7. Diva- girly jewellery shop
  8. Kebab shop
  9. Angus & Robertson Bookstore
  10. Another wellness gym type centre.
  11. Subway
  12. The Heath food store at Shopping Fair
  13. Australia Country Living
  14. A Pet store.

This whole entire day was a waste of my time. I wish I never went.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the pet store made me depressingly sad. I saw two puppies that looked exactly like my old dogs Shelby and Heidi. The little puppies were in a small dingy cage and looked so lonely and sad. I was tempted to pay for both of them just to get them out of there. I hope some nice people come to rescue them soon. Maria didn’t like them. Perhaps they weren’t fashionable enough?

Maria and her quest for a dog a strange interesting story indeed. Maria wants a dog because according to her she needs companionship.

She once had a cute golden puppy named Honey for about a day and a half at our flat. She ignored the fact that she couldn’t have one. It’s in plain English in the renters’ agreement NO DOGS ALLOWED. A depressing statement, which would anger a certain big brown dog named Finbarpurpleton. And perhaps his brother FERGUS!

She then coming to her senses, realising she couldn’t have her own way, tried but with no avail to find someone who would take care of it for her. She then gave it away to a pet shop. Then she blamed her sadness of losing the dog on Jo and me. The nerve of her!

Sadly, more like ironically, as is usually the case, she found someone after who could take care of her dog? However, new people attracted to the dog’s beautifulness, bought Honey from the pet store. Now Maria is mad because she couldn’t get her puppy back and she paid $50. Oh poor her. The world does not revolve around her.

DUH! If I was the new owners I wouldn’t give her back. It’s her own damn fault. I find those actions entirely selfish. She could have gotten Tarynn and me in trouble with management. Not only that, I was under suspicion that her puppy was a fashion accessory and not a flipping pet…THE END, which is probably why the cute sad dirty lonely puppies I saw today weren’t even considered.

PHEW! I’m done!

And now for some house keeping:

Note to my friends who keep asking me about what were in the secret files Sarah found in Chapter 45. I said what they were. If you read to almost the very end you’ll read this.

“… a folder with secret love letters to Paris Teddington, travel plans to the outer reaches of the solar system, a deadly virus, parasites and confidential files from the superhero agency, the police department and both Bamboozle Times and Bamboozle Chronicle Herald.”

I checked my story when I was asked and indeed I wrote what these secret files were. Read the chapter again if you don’t believe me.

I’ll carry your blender!

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Princess Jo said...

Hiya chicky!!

Umm...I completely understand the whole Maria thing. She too has asked me to go out the past few days and I said a big fat NO!! Ummm and last night she texted me after 11pm :S to ask me to go the beach today! grrr....I love (friendly love I stress) her dearly, but I am not her dog!!

Its kinda like having an annoying little sister. You really don't want to say anything for fear of upsetting her :S!!

I guess it just annoys me she thinks she can text me that late when I have told her not to! And its not even for a bitchy reason :S....its only so that I can try to keep to a sleeping routine!