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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Attending the blog

Someone keeps asking about my blog, namely a Princess Jo.


Is it because I’m interesting?

No it’s merely the fact that according the wise princess that I and many of our blogging friends have neglected our blogs. But then again if PJ is really interested to know my insights she is one of the friends that have the advantage of face to face communication.

My heads been in other places lately…In fact my head is full of thoughts that could be written out. I go through these phases where my head is so crammed full of questions and musings it hard to concentrate.

So here are the top five things I’ve been thinking about, in no particular order or importance.

I was reading my text book for Technology Communication and Culture where I read something quite brilliant. Scholar Andrew Robinson wrote that writing is among the greatest inventions in human history, because it made history possible. He also notes that many people don’t stop to think about how they write or how they learnt it.

Also I’ve finally managed to write Chapter 45 of my story. Not to mention I keep thinking about other stories, as well as assignments I should be writing. Because they are due Week 6!

Ghosts and the paranormal.
It’s actually something that quite interests me. I am not so sure I believe in the paranormal but I believe in the unexplained. That perhaps there is a reason for it.
Is my house haunted? Jo thinks so…I kind of wonder, seeing as strange things have gone missing, but it turned out to be something else, which I don’t think I should go into at the moment.

Getting a job
This thought has been on my mind for months. I finally have a job. It’s at Caltex as a kitchen hand. I start Monday at 6 a.m. Hopefully things work out.

One of my classes I have undertook this term has been Television Journalism. I’ve been thinking about television in the sense that it’s different from newspapers. It’s helped me realise that, although very interesting, I don’t want to work in that area of journalism.

Dream interpretation.

I and many of my friends and flatmates have had some odd dreams lately. It makes me wonder why people dream certain things and why. I often to go to Dream Moods and visit the dream dictionary, but sometimes it still don’t make sense.

P.S. Red cordial just add water!

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Tohou Lidia said...

Hahaha - Melissa i just read Chapter 45!! Haha...but what is in the folder of files????? I can't believe Sarah got to kiss the beautiful officer. That is one of my favourite chapters now ;) And i also liked Princess Jo - it so reminded me of Joan ;) I loved it!!!!

I know what you mean abotu television definately doesn't seem like my cup of tea. I think i'll just stick to newspapers.

Good luck with your assignments!

Luv Amy