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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Apples vs. Oranges

A random question has been in my mind all day, is there away to ask someone to turn the music down with out sounding like an irate pregnant old lady man?

Want to know what a pregnant old lady man is? Read my story.
Today I had the most hilarious conversation with my flatmate Tarryn at the pool.

Tarryn: Have you ever been to America?
Me: I’ve been to Alaska.
Tarryn: So Canada is on top of America right?
Me: Ummm…yes? Both are on the same continent. North America.
Me thinking: Hello? Of course it is.
Tarryn: So its part of the same county?
Me thinking: Huh?
Me: (somewhat confused) Ummm… no they’re separate countries. They share the continent North America.
Tarryn: So they’re separate countries?
Me: Yes…
Tarryn: Oh OK.
Me thinking: (somewhat judgementally) IDIOT!

And its time for me to have a good laugh to myself thinking back to this hilarious anecdotal situation.


I’m done.

So what else happened today? I spent a good deal of time in the pool because Tarryn invited me to swim so I thought why not. I was dealing with writers block at the time so I thought perhaps a good swim would clear my mind. I ended up talking to this really smart guy from New Zealand. I can't remember his name it begins with a K and his half Maori. We had the most interesting conversation. Now for some reason I badly want to go to New Zealand.

We mainly talked about the environment. I believe in human rights, but I think environmental protection should come first or at least be at par with the importance of it. Because if there is no environment to sustain us then we die and there is no human rights to fight for or protect. I believe humanity and the environment go hand in hand.

Which now brings me to the point of this entry…Today, the silly conversation, the deep thoughts about environmental issues has made me realise how different I am from my current flatmates.

My flatmates are the complete opposite of me. They are oranges and I am apples. They like a good glass of wine…I like a good glass of water. They like to party. I like to study. They spend their time worrying about boys and hair. I spend my time thinking about intellectually stimulating ideas and writing.

I am sure if I tried and intellectual conversation with them their brain might implode from because the unused electrons wouldn’t be able to cope with it. They wouldn’t understand any of my witty jokes if one came as presented itself right in front of their pretty face. And yes I’ve stereotyped them, filed them in a box called oranges, placed myself in a box called apples and judged them. They are so different to me I find it hard to bond with or understand them. It’s a sad fact but I feel like an outsider.

P.S. The sunflowers know all!

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Tohou Lidia said...

Hey! Where's the photos of your new hair :(

Hehe...your flat mate is funny...i just wish i was there so we could roll our eyes in unison!

Oooo...but who's this New Zealnd guy? he sounds nice! *hint hint* Saw my new Raul today......this one actually looks alot like what i imagine the pretty officer to look like only he actually uses his brain :P
Luv Amy