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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The most beautiful boy in the world?

So how was my day today? Despite the constant noise from my flatmates limited pop culture musical stereo. She plays the same five songs over and over again. I was awoken at 8:45 a.m. this morning by it. I felt annoyed and I was tired. I was so mad I wanted to tell her to turn it down or I’ll punch her in the face, but I’m no violent type.

Today has been creative. Chapter 42 is now available for reading.

Once I had a strange dream…

Chris, Kate, Amy and I were making my book Song of the Superheroes into a movie. Of course this was during the time Chris suggested it.

We each were going to play the main characters of course, but we need Officer Octogenarian, the most beautiful boy in the entire world. Many actors came to mind during this dream. In this dream because I was Ashleigh otherwise known as Ultra Nerd I could fly so while my friends drove down a city road in a white convertible listening to killer tunes. I flew above them in serenity.

Guy Sebastian the future Officer Octogenarian? I'm not so sure about this one.

It was decide that Officer Octogenarian would be played by Guy Sebastian. This I have no idea why. So my friends and I sent out to find Guy to personally ask him to be in our film version. Chris and Kate went else where why Amy and I went opposite directions as well.

Near the end of the dream I found Guy at a friendly house somewhere in the suburbs. For some reason in the dream a legion of girls were at his house, furthering our reasoning he should be the beautiful officer. I knocked on his door and when I asked if he would like to be in our film. He glared at me and slammed the door in my face.

This dream has brought me to this very question what does Officer Oliver Octogenarian look like? Its clear to me the Officer Octogenarian has become a complex character and is more than just a beautiful man and here is why.

He is first introduced in Chapter 5. According to Officer Octogenarian himself he is a young robust but “a young robust 23-year-old rugby-playing male.” He believes he is the most beautiful man to grace the entire planet.

Inspector Cathy Such And Such (Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum) his police partner often accuses him of being Carly Simon like. (Think the song “You’re So Vain.) Fergus, Inspector Such And Such’s husband believes Cathy would be keen on making sweet, sweet love to the beautiful officer, but as Cathy puts it. “He is not attracted to her femininity.” – Nigel Bottington is, as well as many others…

This quote pretty much sums up what he looks like and the love interest the main character Sarah Evans develops.
"Then she (Sarah) sees him. The most beautiful boy she has ever seen in her entire life He has brown eyes, which were dark and mysterious, coffee coloured skin, berry coloured lips and a head of stunning black curly hair. Oooh his smile she thinks. She almost faints from eating her hair."
Her love at first is based looks. A love at first sight type deal, but clearly this develops to more of a personal level near the end. She becomes a love sick puppy. He is the man she wants to marry and have babies with and she often imagines stuff about him some of it X-rated some of it not. But even though she really likes him his certain characteristics annoy her. Not to mentions she stays true to herself.

He is sought after romantically or sadly probably just physically by many female and male characters, due to his beauty.

One of which is Norma Normington, Sports Editor of Bamboozle Times upon their first meeting she says “he are GORGEOUS!” and often propositions him to make sweet, sweet love to her through out the story. He repeatedly declines in a not so thoughtful manner. It should be noted now that he can only make sweet love as sweet, sweet love is too much work for him.

Another is Nigel Bottington Editor in Chief of Bamboozle Times said he is a, “very good looking 23-year-old robust rugby-playing male.” He later propositions him, admitting he is attracted to the beautiful officer. He has also said ‘Officer Octogenarian makes gay boys exceptionally happy, woman week in the knees and heterosexual males question their sexuality or become really, really jealous?”

Fellow Bamboozle police woman, Officer Rosie Cheeks attempts to steal a kiss from him when he had fallen due to a brain melting attack by Ultra Nerd.

Ashleigh McGlonagkic (Ultra Nerd) the most sensible character even considers the idea of making sweet, sweet love to him in the early chapters, but she becomes one of the characters to prejudice him because of his beauty in an almost jealous type of way. Maybe because she secretly knows she could never have someone so beautiful. Her best friend Philis Philmore faints from looking at his beautifulness. More about her later…

Sports reporter Mike Queensburry pointed out to fellow reporter Paul McNewberrys (who was found out to be bisexual) is attracted to the beautiful officer. Paul responded by saying everyone is attracted to him.

Although Officer Octogenarian is extremely gorgeous, he is discriminated for being the way he is. His colleagues often tell him to be a model or a movie star something he’d be good at because of his physical appearance, but he perseveres as a police officer something that hasn’t been said why as of yet. He wants to be smarter and use his brain and longs to be accepted for his insides, the person he really is. The only person who seems to know the real him is his sister Princess Jo and possibly Sarah.

He is also attracted to two women through out the story Sarah Evans and Philis Philmore. It’s known to the readers that Sarah loves him back, but its unknown if Philis does. She constantly rejects him saying it’s bestially and he wouldn’t like her because she is fat. Little does she know Officer Octogenarian has a fetish for heavyset girls and he has stuck up her several times when people have said she was fat. And upon first meeting her thought her to be the most beautiful fat girl he had ever seen. It hasn’t been decided which girl he will chose although unfortunately it seems to be in Sarah’s favour. I want him to choose Philis because she is the underdog.

And what is a girl’s idea of the most beautiful man? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Officer Octogenarian in my story represents this world’s constant longing for beauty.

Stay tuned for more character profiles and blog entries.

P.S. When vacationing on Mars near Mount Olympus always wear a helmet


Tohou Lidia said...

Hehe...great post! Guy Sebastian is beautiful - but not in a physical way...haha...i don't know why you would have thought of him but he does have brown eyes, dark skin and curly hair :) I like the fact that you only described the officer's physical appearance once because then everyone can look to their own personal idea of beauty. For example, i have a completely different idea of beauty to you and i think of the officer to look more mediterranian or east asian. Other people would probably have different ideas :) Your right, he is a complex character. He's smart but i think he's grown up knowing he's so beautiful that he uses his beauty more than his smartness! I think it would be better for the story if he picks phyllis but i want him to pick Sarah because i have an emotional attachment to Sarah! Maybe Sarah could end up with Samir? Hmm.... i like the anticlimatic-ness of it :P
Luv Amy

Philic Symbol said...

Nooooooooooooooooo, he can't end up with me because my rear end is fat and if I sat on him he would die because fat people always kill beautiful people by sitting on them with their fat!!