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Sunday, February 07, 2010

When debt is the Monopoly?

I’m surprised I am not pulling all my hair out from my financial situation seeing as I am very close to it. Loan payments for my government loans are missed, rent money and the all the anxiety the entails this, I still owe gas money, etc to my friends from the trip to Edmonton. Which makes it even more stressful was some of the money lent to me was by friends who are financially troubled as well. It reminds me of playing Monopoly with Carol for some reason. I miss Carol L

Carol: (Lands on an expensive property worth $1100+) you know I am good for it!

Me: Ha! You can pay me in instalments?


Me: (at the height of winning the game!) It’s OK I’ll let it pass this time…

A half hour or so later the tables have turned….which is usually how it works with Monopoly.

Me: Carol you know I am good for it!

Carol: Suck it up! Pay now! Ha ha!

Me: I’ll give you a property! (This leads to me being even more screwed!)

Carol: OK….I WANT THE MONEY! (She is kidding of course!)

Me: Carol stop trying to rip me off! (shakes fist in anger)

Hence to say Carol usually ends up wining… oddly she always owns the red properties. That’s Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana or Trafalgar, Fleet Street and The Strand if you happen to own the British version of Monopoly, which I do. :P Then of course she owns Park Place (Park Lane) and Boardwalk (Mayfair). I always seem to own the bright purples and the oranges….Actually I make a point to own those ones for some reason, which is weird because they aren’t much more then the shitty light blue ones and the dark purples (dark red if you have the British version).

Anyways I digress…enough about Monopoly.

It’s hard not to feel anxious when your friend Moses (not his real name) says I better pay the gas money or he’ll break my legs or kidnap my dogs and send him to me in pieces. Thank God he is joking. Perhaps it’s important to have a sense of humour about the situation! Also perhaps being thankful! I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat and friends to make hangy-outey with. There are others worse off then me.

I am so concerned about my financial predicament and the need to do something about it that I sucked up my pride and my reservations about returning to the fast food industry and applied at A&W. It was something someone said to me this morning. Who cares about the job one has, as long as you’re pulling your weight and trying to get through life and it pays the bills. So I might come home smelling like a burger at least I can pay my student loans off!!! I swear I am aware of my financial conundrums but I try to forget about it and pretend it doesn’t exist and wish it away, bad idea…. Enough said.

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Anonymous said...

remember, its not the job but the way you approach it. making a living in todays economy takes skill and versatility. you can look at it as a way of improving your financial viabilty or you can follow the status quo and be somewhat humiiated by it. ultimately, the choice is yours. whatever you decide, you have to love with the decision!