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Sunday, February 07, 2010

What am I waiting for?

(Two posts in one day! This is an entire first. AN ENTIRE FIRST! )

I’ve decided to try and re-do my resolution from 2009 to attempt to write 100 entries by the end of the year.

Would it be a logical assumption that being impatient and being a Christian don’t mix for some people? There is a lot of waiting involved being a Christian, whether it is waiting for marriage to get it on with someone, asking God for answers or the second coming.

I am specifically wondering about the topic of virginity. Let’s say a Christian who believes in the importance of waiting till marriage meets and falls in love someone new to the faith who has participated in worldly things such as premarital sex. How would he/she feel about it? Would they feel a bit cheated? They saved themselves and suppressed a very human instinct for the sake of their beliefs, but then again wouldn’t it be a bit petty to judge a future love of your life for sins which were already forgiven by God.  I also don’t believe being baptised makes you a virgin again. You’re washed clean of your sins in that regard, but physically… If one keeps bringing this up they obviously haven’t forgiven themselves.

And why does Christianity have some many rules?Some  based on denominations, interpretations or beliefs? Also is it really an issue of salvation? It’s just this questioning type behaviour that has gotten me in trouble with other Christians. I prefer to refer to myself as a secular Christian an oxymoron entirely, but apparently you are or you aren’t. Things were easier when I considered myself agnostic borderline deist.

P.S. Tony man features will be totally stoked when he finds out I installed Harry Potter Quidditch on my computer!

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