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Monday, February 15, 2010

Perfecting Your Craft

Happy belated Valentines Day!

I am relieved Valentines is over. I don’t ever think I liked the holiday. I appreciate what it represents and the value of love, but shouldn’t be something you show all year round.

Lately I’ve had the good fortune of connecting from the Internet from home, which is probably why my blog has been updated more consistently. (However having a laptop and an Internet stick does come in handy.) Or maybe I just feel the need to write! I was reading an old journal from 2005 and I wrote how I hadn’t been journaling much because perhaps I didn’t really feel the need for it or perhaps I was depressed, which could be true because when I am down, my writing goes with it as does any passion in my heart.

When I read something I wrote years ago I reflect on home much in a span of 8 years how much I have changed.

Today Hev-Lady is preparing for her gardening expeditions of the summer, her favourite time of year. She says she feels guilty about gardening whilst I am slaving away doing dishes…She says it’s work, but she loves it so much that’s why she constantly guilt trips herself. So I asked her about writing if that was work and she looked at me all shocked and said.

“I thought that was a hobby?”

So I replied:

“What if I am trying to work on a novel?”

Her response:

“I guess so?”

Also if you’re a writer shouldn’t you constantly work on you’re craft to perfect it like she does gardening?

P.S. I hope Canada wins some gold medals this year at the Olympics! GO CANADA!

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