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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Charley the Scardy Cat

Well my cat Charley whom I’ve had for five months suddenly went missing! I was in hysterics. I couldn’t find him for at least 4 hours. I seriously looked every where for him, cupboards, beds, and the shop. Every so often I’d go out on the porch and call him several times the only answer was the wind blowing in the trees. I even took the dogs for a walk around the block to look for him. My anxiety quickened.

His brother Chazzey kept asking to go out more then usual and he kept meandering back and forth from the wood shed. I in ignorance took no notice of this. As it started to get dark around 6pm I really started to worry. When suddenly Hev-Lady saw Chazzey beeline for the wood shed one last time at rocket speed. I went to go see what he was on about. I called Charley’s name and heard a faint scared mewing. I then noticed serious decay in the shop the floor boards were rotting and Charley managed to somehow get stuck inside and was too scared to come back out. If it wasn’t for Chazzey I may never have found him. I was worried about him so I placed food and water to try and lour him out. Chazzey kept darting in and out after this. It was as if he was telling his brother how to get out and making sure he was OK.

Finally Charley came to the door and mewed for me to let him in. I was so relieved I practically ran for the door and picked him up overjoyed that he wasn’t maimed or catnapped. If it is one thing I learnt about this love and intelligence exists in the animal kingdom after witnessing Chazzey’s repeated concern and his way of communicating to me where his brother was. Most importantly I believed God helped too. He answered my prayers of concern for my little animal, one of his precious creatures.

I have since covered up the rotten floor boards with wood in hopes this won’t happen again either.

P.S. Sydney also helped! By chasing Charley outside in the first place!

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