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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

P.S. Fizzy Lemonade!

Yesterday I had success I finally finished 3 chapters of Fizzy Lemonade and (dare I say it), I like it more then Song of the Superheroes. It has more prose to it, more complications and it still has some of the predecessor’s roots, but its starting to explore more post-modern concepts and ideas about language brought on by some literary classes and ideas in my last year of university. I find I appreciate the post-structural and post-modern, absurd- fiction kind of ideas and I realised I kind of write my stories that way. In fact I think I could go back and fix Song of the Superheroes because I am learning more by writing its sequel. I actually do have to read over it now and then so the new story doesn’t contradict or I repeat and idea, however given the way I am starting to write this one I could make up a reason for its inconsistencies.

P.S. Wild Will

So far it starts much like Superheroes started the plot was rather scattered and random, but it was going in some sort of direction. The tenses were mixed up, although not as bad, maybe lacking description here and there. I tend to write my stories in present tense for some reason. I write how I see it in my head if that makes any sense.

P.S. Wild Will rocks

When I read some of my favourite authors I feel rather discouraged because for starters I really envy their talent and I in my lack of confidence think I am no writer, but I have to remind myself that I am on some level, but not the same writer as them, which is a good thing.

P.S. Wild Will rocks my socks

One of the ideas I am exploring is religion too. It’s gradually becoming one of the elements of it as well as language. In my story the main religion is Fictionalism, where certain characters are aware they are fictional and no one can understand why they believe what they do. Wild Will is their prophet, (believe me he is aware of being fictional). It is kind of making fun of certain religions, I won’t say which and I won’t go into to much details in case no one has read it yet. I don’t want to spoil it all. Wild Will would not be very happy. Ha ha just kidding!

P.S. Wild Will rocks my socks in Bangkok

I kind of feel maybe I was too open about my beliefs the last two entries or so, but more concerning was I felt ashamed to state it yesterday when I talked about my cats. I wanted to write “not to be religiously cheesy” but I decided not too. I should be ashamed of my faith because faith is different then religion at least that’s what I think.

P.S. Wild Will rocks my socks in Bangkok whilst Alberticus and I drink Fizzy Lemonade!

The pastor at my church (The Pastinator) has an hour long discussion with me in areas of spiritual growth, the main reason for my visit was to inquire about baptism. Apparently, which I find interesting in the Baptist faith is you don’t have to be baptised to be saved, where as in Mormonism you had to be.

P.S. Wild Will rocks my socks in Bangkok whilst Alberticus and I drink Fizzy Lemonade and Sarah Evans drinks herbal tea!

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