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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rice and life!

So what have I done since Saturday when I updated this dastardly blog? Not much and the only reason I am updating my blog is because Jo demanded it. Just Kidding.

Re: Rice! Sounds like a product placement of some kind. :P Rice, rice, rice…rice is life! How about that? Yes I completely understand what Jo and Chris have said. First off it wasn’t my entire rice it was Dave’s (the non-talking antisocial flatmate.) Second it’s OK if there is a prior agreement of some kind to take anything you need if one is not around, but its common courtesy to ask. If you ask before you take something that isn’t yours then I believe that it’s technically stealing. That is all that I am saying. Also I understand what Chris means by the whole flatmates are looking out for #1. Living in a share house is quite annoying at times, but at others it’s rewarding. It has its benefits as well as downfalls. I miss having a flat to myself, but I won’t go as far as Chris did in the movies Flat To Myself 1 &2.

Actually I have Flat To Myself type of dreams. I’ve had two that really stick out, and they are a bit graphic to share. So I won’t go into much detail. It always involves an evil midget with blonde hair who wants to kill me. It starts with me at my back door and I know she is outside and I and my flatmates are in danger. So lock it just in time but she still manages to get in. Anyways she always comes at me with a knife and just when I am pretty badly wounded the police and paramedics arrive and save the entire day. After which I am distraught or course, but then safety leaves and the evil midget comes back and a door appears out of nowhere. The recent dream I had this time had Sue-Woman on the other end wanting to hurt me and I managed to lock her out of my flat but the evil midget let her in. In which both attacked me. There is other disturbing things too in these confounding dreams, which if you really want to know in detail you can ask me.

Work at Pixi Foto is alright it you can handle the entire c-word thrown at you just for doing your job. Well it hasn’t happened yet but I met and old promoter who did the same job I did and she said that it happened to her a couple of times. I get more no’s then yes’s. I guess not many people are keen to have professional portraits taken? The irony is I get paid to be rejected. Another thing is it’s the ones that aren’t interested in the first place are the ones that want to stop and have a chat with me. I keep thinking this is an entire time waster, but I guess if I am nice the no’s now they will be future yes’s?

So far I’ve met some pretty interesting people. I had a pregnant old lady man widow tell me I should get married. Perhaps she was conspiring with Sue-Woman? Come to think of it pretty much all the pregnant old lady man wives or spinsters all wear pink so I can never remember who I asked last. A majority of them have also died their hair an unnatural purple colour, which makes it even harder to distinguish them from one or the other. The pregnant old lady men they wear a lot of blue and it’s pretty much the same idea as the female polms.

I have also noticed there are a lot of families and babies around too and 90% have already had photos taken for their little bundles of joy. And the other 10% aren’t interested because they either have a digital camera or they have had “professional” portraits taken…this is where I want ask them what do you think Pixi Foto is then?

Big W is boring enough said. I pretty much tidy up shelves and make everything nice for the next day. It’s is a nice change from the other job. My first night on the job at Big W. I spent fixing and rearranging the men’s underwear. The second night I spent tidying the shoes. The shoes were by far the worst, customers are so lazy they don’t even bother to put the bloody shoes back on the shelf but instead toss them across the aisle. I also didn’t have an name tag so customers thought I was weird and old staff had no idea I was asking the questions I was.

So there you have it an entire updated type entry of all boringness!

P.S. Sue-Woman doesn’t know I am staying!


Lidia said...

Haha - at least you are having fun at Pixi Foto - i actually think i would enjoy it because i love talking to random people. It is fun as!

About flatmates looking out for number one...that is exactly why i live by myself...

I'm probably one of those messy customers with the shoes - no i don't throw them in the aisle - but i don't always put them back in the right place. I'm sorry! Karma will catch up on me one day!

Luv Amy

Princess Jo said...

Ah yes, the shoe aisle: where I live :P ....

I don't know: my flatmate seems to be pretty good at looking out for me :P But I am no good to live with...nice to visit but no good to live with... I am amazed Justin has put up with me for so long!! :P I would be a rice stealer, a shoe stealer and possibly a shirt stealer. Poor Justin always gets his shirts stolen!

I am glad you have 2 good jobs: I just wish that people would get that I don't want a job: I will get one when I am ready. And plus, I see my youth allowance as a kind of compo for all the BULLSH*T the government put me through. Ahh: so I guess u could say I don't really care. Quite frankly, I wish people would get that I just want to be an academic. I would love to study for the rest of my life. I don't see the point of getting a job and then in a year or two time having to quit because I am having a baby (fingers crossed on that point). Least with study I can kinda be flexiable.