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Saturday, November 17, 2007

My wondeful list of things I miss.

Hmmmm lets see I think I just heard the most confounding statement of all time recently. You see was talking to my flatmate Dave and the Unilodge Manager about homosexuality. I found the remark Dave made very strange

“It’s not right! I don’t believe in God, but the Bible says it’s not right so that’s what I think.”

Well I think that’s a steaming pile of contradictory bullshit. BULLSHIT! Sorry it just bothered me. How can you say you don’t believe in God, but quote the book that’s supposedly his word in your homophobic justifications? It seriously made me mad for some reason. So I told him I thought it contradictory and now he hasn’t spoken to me in two weeks. It’s really quite awkward. It’s not like I had a go at him about it or tried to push my beliefs on him. I just I told him his statement didn’t make any entire sense. ENTIRE SENSE!

Ah yes so now after a hiccup or two things work wise are working out entirely. I can feel things starting to get better. I think it’s because I changed my mind set.

Then I have somehow developed annoying allergies. ALLERGIES! All the more excuse to go to the pharmacy and get something for them…Its not stalking if I have terribly itchy dry eyes and sneezing every ten bloody minutes.

Hmmm what else ah yes my mom Hev-Lady said to make a list of things I miss from home and she might send it too me if budget allows and customs as well.

So here it goes:

Kraft Dinner: They have something like it here but it just isn’t the same. There is a joke that Canadians can eat their own weight in Kraft Dinner and some people even reckon it’s an entire food group when mixed with hotdogs and ketchup.

Honey Nut Cheerio’s and Apple Cinnamon Cheerio’s: They are like the best breakfast/ snack ever in the entire world. They only have multigrain ones here and it makes me sad, so very sad. No I am not talking about sausages either. Its cereal baby! Good old cereal!

Kellogg’s Corn Pops: Same as the cheerio’s. It’s another breakfast cereal that has yet to grace the presence of the supermarkets here.

Dads Oatmeal Cookies: Chocked full of preservatives. These have to be the best cookies in the entire world. THE ENTIRE WORLD! They have just the right sweet taste and they are crunchie in just the right way.

Tim Hortons Coffee and Tim Hortons hot chocolate: It’s kind of like the Kraft Dinner thing except Tim Horton’s is an iconic restaurant chain in back home, that serves hot drinks, deli style sandwiches, soups, muffins, donuts and other deserts. My favourite desert is the Iced Cap, which is basically an iced cappuccino. However, you can by their drinks separately to take home and make…I want a bit of Canadiana to share with my friends here!

Timmy’s is the best! It makes sense they are so popular seeing as Canadians eat more donuts per capita than any other country and the atmosphere is much different than most places. In fact it seems like there is a Tim Hortons in every town on almost every block. They seriously outnumber McDonalds Actually come to think of it some towns are cranky if they don’t have one. It would be the best place to take some one on a get to know each other type date or a place to see friend and just chat or read the paper and catch up with strangers about the weather and current affairs. What I wouldn’t give now for a large double, double and a 24 pack of Tim Bits. A double, double is coffee with two creams, two sugars except I always grab extra sugar because the coffee is so strong and Tim Bits are the donut holes left over.

Tim Hortons Mug: To drink my coffee and/hot chocolate. Mine lost the logo on it because one of my previous flatmates decided it would be funny to scrub it off.

Ketchup flavoured potato chips: Oh gosh what I wouldn’t love them. They smell kind of bad but taste so good and there red, my favourite colour too.

Souvenirs for my friends: I don’t really think this needs explanation. You can get this at the local dollar store where I used to live, but I didn’t get enough sadly. It be nice to have a stock pile to give to some new friends and stuff. She might not even have to go there. She could send Canadian Tire money or random packaging with the French and English on them. On the other hand my mom might want that to use the money I don’t know Canadian Tire and she might think I am weird for wanting random boxes and packaging. In case you’re wondering Canadian Tire is kind of like Mitre 10 and those types of place here in Australia.

Oxford Canadian Dictionary: Yes I know they have dictionaries here but not the one I want! It’s got Canadian words in it, like shit disturber and toque. Ummm….I am really homesick right now.

My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures: because I am an entire nerd. There not the new ones out either but the old retro ones...They also remind me of my brother in a very nostalgic way.

And that’s all I can think of. For now…as I think I’ve gone over board. Going over this list makes me feel selfish.

P.S. Plan 10 from outer space! Yay! I can’t wait. It’s seriously going to be awesome fun.


Princess Jo said...


Indeed, it sounds like fun!!

Anyways, I just thought I'd let you know that I am thinking about having an entire Christmas Party!! Yah!!

And everyone misses something Melissa!


Lidia said...

Yes I agree. Dave sounds like someone who doesn't think things through before he opens his mouth! Not that i'm being mean, I'm sure he's very nice. And I guess people are a product of their environments!

Haha - i like your list although i didn't know what half of them was. It's sad about Kraft Dinner not being the same - i used to love our Kraft Macaroni and Cheese but it's too addictive so i don't buy it anymore.

I'd like to go to Tim Horton's with you. I'm surprised they haven't made it into a worldwide franchise by now!

Hmm...if i was living in Canada I guess the thing I would miss most would be having bbqs with prawns and stuff - but you probably have prawns over there anyway!

Luv Amy