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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grandmotherly expectations

Under the direction and request from Amy I am again updating my blog. Goodness me I don’t why seeing as I can’t really think of what to write about. I wasted my weekend feeling really anxious for some reason and playing Donkey Kong Country 3 till I can feel that tired feeling in my eyes. The only reason I played was to keep myself focused on something else.

My grandma (Sue-Woman not Val-Lady) is hilarious. I wrote her a mandatory e-mail yesterday. I say mandatory because she is my grandmother among other things….. ask me sometime1

Anyways I barely even mention my crush and it’s the first thing she picked up on. She sent me an entire e-mail on how she wants to know more about him. Then she writes a sentence on what I consider the other more important information, like my new job and how things are going really awesome lately. I swear she wants me to get married and contribute to the world’s overpopulation epidemic. This isn’t saying I don’t want kids and to get married, just not right now.

Soooo what do I tell her about my Officer Octogenarian…for starters I could say I gave him a code name based on a characters name for anonymities sake, seeing as I am discussing him on my blog. What is it now 4 entries in a row now that mentions him in some form? Hint alphabetical plans, the Ashleigh story, something about a pink shirt and now some random musing about my grandma’s curiosity. My grandma has this really strange way of believing everything anyone writes to her. I could tell her he is an astrophysicist/ monkey trainer/ movie star and she’d probably believe me. She’d probably be disappointed to here that he’s most likely not a returned Mormon missionary, but an average everyday uni student/pharmacist. Not that I care. In fact I am so going to tell her all that just see what she says. This is for boredoms sake mind you.

To prove how gullible she is one time my mom as an April Fools joke casually wrote in the end of an e-mail that I was expecting. My grandma believed her. She rang my mom about three times that day and apparently my grandpa was in tears, because their classy goody-goody granddaughter had apparently got knocked up by dreaded premarital sex and was no longer a classy goody-goody granddaughter. I was kind of annoyed about my mom’s joke at first, not because she pulled on my grandparents, heck I give her full props for that. It just felt like my reputation as was put on the line just for a mere joke.

P.S. I know this is really bad but my other grandma Val-Lady is my top grandma…She’s like my mom but with a British twist. She’s like fish and chips!


Princess Jo said...

Hehe: what a great entry!!! SO funny...your poor G'ma....


Lidia said...

Haha- i don't think you would have been contributing to our overpopulation epidemic - you know Peter Costello is credited wiht encouraging a baby boom in Australia? So as long as you stay in Australia, you will not be hurting anyone by getting knocked up :P

I agree -i like this entry! It's really funny! OH Officer Octegenarian - i hope i get to meet him!

Luv moi