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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

An alphabetical plan of obsession!

Today is my brother’s birthday.

So I shall wish a very Happy Birthday to Tony because he is awesome.


By the way the last entry was not attacking anyone….I was making fun of the situation and myself.

Remember how I said yesterday that there would be no more silly crushing going on in terms of Officer Octogenarian? I haven’t changed my mind, but the thought of it is giving me serious anxiety.

I am…

A: afraid he has a girl friend and will reject me, therefore leaving me embarrassed
B: plain old reject me
C: biggest of all he will do none of the above and say yes.

Weird isn’t it I am more scared of the acceptance than rejection for some reason. I can see it now I will probably be obsessing over it and wondering why he said yes. Or wondering oh crap what next?

I know I have too though or I will go insane from wondering whether it was a yes or a no in the first place. Then all my feelings will yet again be in vain.

So my mom (Hev- Lady) gave me some ideas of what I could ask him.

Plan A: I could ask him for a movie…but the problem is I have no money for a movie right now. And seeing as I asked him I’d want to shout him to be nice.

Plan B: I could ask him over to my house for coffee. A distinct possibility except if you ever watch those romantic movies it’s usually after a date you ask a guy to your house for coffee and its usually not coffee drinking type activities that is implied. Plus my milk is kind of going off and I want all my coffee to myself.

Plan C: Ask him to go for a walk… where in the heck is there to walk around here?…oh yes lets have a tour of where I live seeing as he used to have a friend around here he probably knows his way around.

Plan D: I could ask him over for dinner, but tell him my Korean flatmate will be there and I wanted to introduce her to one of my friends and to show my flatmate that not all Aussie males have tattoos. Ha ha that’s my joke. Then if he says I have a girlfriend I’ll be like cool bring her along too! I could also mention I wanted to prove that I can cook like I said last time. The problem is I am not sure if I can say friends as we really are merely acquaintance/sort of friends. It could be a way of catching up so to speak as well.

Plan E: A variation of the previous plan…Mom suggests a dinner party. Ah yes dinner parties are kind of Joan’s thing. I wouldn’t want to invade on her parade so to speak. Get everyone he doesn’t know over will be awkward as, not to mention I hate groups of people. Having dinner with one flatmate for perhaps a mediator and him would be much easier I reckon. So no Plan E! Sorry Hev-Lady.

Plan F: Do nothing and continue to go insane.

Plan G: Make a plan for every letter in the alphabet!

Plan H: Have Lunch then think of more plans

Plan I: Make enough money so I can go with plan A

Plan J: Do plan A repeatedly until I can invite him in for Plan B. By Plan B I mean ummm….yes…

Plan K: Invite him out when my friends and I go out to the clubs!! I think its kind of his domain.

Plan L: Stop thinking of so many plans

Plan M: Plan Melissa! And by that I mean spell my name in acrostics so I can follow Plan L. For example…

And possibly insane

Plan N: Not to go insane

Plan O: Officer Octogenarian!! Tell the person all about the character if I am stuck for something to say next time I see him?

Plan P: Postpone all plans until a later date….

Plan Q: Quiz everyone on my ideas and ask for feedback on what they think…advice if you will NOT tell me what to do.

Plan R: Ring Officer Octogenarian, the person not the character and just go with the flow….

Plan S: Stop thinking of plans that begin with the letter of the plan….see Plans M – R!

Plan T: I am so running out of ideas of what could be possible plans!

Plan U: Not to be come an entire stalker!

Plan V: Nothing Honestly!

Plan W: Honestly Nothing!

Plan X: Nothing Really

Plan Y: Really Nothing!

Plan Z: Plain old nothing!

P.S. Can’t you tell that I am bored? Yes and obsessed!


Princess Jo said...

Oh, Melissa, he is only a guy. It is much more important to be comfortable in yourself than getting worked out about something that is out of your control. Kinda (no make that a lot) hard, I know, but in order to keep sane it's kinda important to do so.

Go ahead and ask him, but just remember either way you are still your own person, and that you dont NEED him.

Lots and Lots of Love, JO

Princess Jo said...

P.S Of course I will always be here for you, you silly girl :P...regardless of whatever happens!!!!


Lidia said...

Haha - i can't believe you did the whole alphabet :P

You know the best one I loved?

Plan K: Invite him out when my friends and I go out to the clubs!! I think its kind of his domain.

This is just what I would do but I would wait until your definately go out and then maybe "run" into him again and ask if he is going out that weekend, say you might see him there. Then ask him to dance with us (you and me in's not that long :P) and all will be fine! Alcohol and loud music does great things!!

That's just my opinion,but again, he may not be here in December and you're never sure which club he is going to....

Alternatively, just be friends with him first (like you would with any other guy - you're good at making friends!) and let it progess!

Luv Amy