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Sunday, December 02, 2007

I don't wear a red shirt!

I spent the weekend working, firstly, at Pixi Foto, where I for four hours endured the same response from 90 percent of people. “No thank you love I am not interested in photos.” To which I responded “I understand you’re all photoed out eh?” Then they’d laugh and say. “Yes darl all photoed out.” It was lame. The trick is to remain positive. I find that tough some days I am ready to say stuff it and just walk out, but I know I need this job so I can’t.

I also got mistaken for a target employee four time and the customer has the gall to get cranky at me when I refuse to help them and say I am from Pixi Foto. Pixi Foto Manager Mrs. Amazing Marlon Brando Woman, I call her this because she has red hair (You’ll understand if you’ve read Superheroes.) says it comes with the job and says I should help them, because I would know seeing as I meander around the entire shop for three hours four days a week. I say not to her face mind you that it’s not my entire job and Target employees may not like me doing the job they get paid to do. It’s like asking them to hand out a million vouchers and get rejected repeatedly, which I’d never ask anyone to do, not even a Target employee. Customers are retarded they even come to the studio and ask the photographers in there for directions to things. Hello not affiliated with Target. I want to tell them that Target employees wear red shirts! I do NOT wear a red shirt. I also want to tell all the pregnant old lady woman to stop wearing pink shirts because they all blend in together, but that’s a different story. And that dear reader is my new pet peeve.

Friday at Pixi Foto was pretty cool I saw a real pregnant old lady woman, just like the ones I write about in my stories. All I remember is she wasn’t interested in photos, was wearing pink, had no eyelashes and babbled on for about 15 minutes about ironing and how she hates it. She was quite a nice lady, she even said dolphins and whales used to have legs! No I made that up, but it would have been cool if she did it.

The rest of Saturday it I spent helping my friends Serena and Jason move. Day 1 which was yesterday was the moving bit and day 2, today was the cleaning up type bit. They better not tell Ev-Lady I helped them clean or she’ll be like. “Oh my gosh, Miss Mel-issa the unclean tenant who chases away flatmates because of her unclean like behaviours actually cleaned?! To bad it’s the wrong flat. WRONG FLAT! Now you will not get your entire bond back because it’s Melissa’s fault for cleaning your flat instead of hers.”

So as you can tell I am still a bit sour about the being blamed for my flatmate moving out because of my so calked lack of washing up. I clean up after myself God damn it! How the hell does Ev-Lady know I am unclean unless she comes to my flat for more than five minutes to show the entire flat to a new prospective flatmate, whom might possibly be offended by my apparent lack of cleaning. If she is so paranoid why show anyone, not my renew my lease and kick me out?

Anyways for helping I got three meals, lunch, dinner and lunch, a naked lady, a genuine Australian tennis ball, sore feet and dishpan hands. It was worth it however, because it made me feel good to help someone out. Someone said to me (I can’t remember who), when I was going through a rough patch said that people are helping me now, but the opportunity to help someone else will come along. I guess it did just in a different way.

Now you are probably wondering about the naked lady? She is actually a small garden statue that has floated around the complex where I live. Serena and Jason would have taken it but they were worried her head would fall off because there is a crack in her neck. So I was told to take it and put it in my yard instead, perhaps as a tradition. As for the tennis ball, everything was entirely cleaned at the flat and they were about to venture off and the ball was bounced my way. I caught it and I was told I could keep it. It’s kind of a memento.

Hmmm….I also found an entire dress at Rockmans on Thursday. AN ENTIRE DRESS! It’s on lay-by as of now, but I am excited because I’ve never had a nice going out dress before. Ah yes my dilemma about trying to save money has gone down hill because of my obsession with things I like. I bought a $20 book the other day called The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde the same author of The Big Over Easy the other day. Case in point I found a new favourite author and I shouldn’t of bought the book or currently be buying the dress. I then thought about the little child and the mum. Little Melissa begging Big Melissa too buy these things for her. She would have a temper tantrum every time Big Melissa said no. I imagined her like the little brats of today, pinching a fit and screaming because she didn’t get her own way. I felt like I became the parent who finally gives in to make it all go away. I convinced myself it was good because I reasoned I had worked hard for it so I should. I also realise referring to myself as two separate Melissa’s is kind of creepy.

P.S. I wish I had an entire car. AN ENTIRE CAR!


Princess Jo said...

Ahhh yes Melissa: but buying stuff makes you feel good!!!

Cling to that thought...make me feel good, makes me feel good!


Lidia said...

Haha - isn't it funny how so many people act alike? The majority of people always seem to respond to things the same way - such as thinking you are a target employee even though they wear red shirts!!

I think you are going to look beautiful when we go out! I've never seen you in a dress before and Rockmans is really cool! I'm ashamed - i love buying stuff too. Mostly books and cds!!!

I like helping people as well - it is fun and then you know they've always got your back!

Luv Amy