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Saturday, December 08, 2007

I can sea things clearly now!

Another entry of randomness!

I don’t know how many of you watch the TV show Heroes, but I wish I had the power Matt Parkman has. He is telepathic, but he can make people do stuff just by putting a thought into their head. I could use this to my advantage at work mwhahahahahahhaha!!!! Just kidding.

Today was an interesting day, you see last night I my glasses broke, then I remembered my spares broke too! So because I obsess I was completely worried that I wouldn’t be able to fix them the next day. Luckily was able to fix my glasses while I was supposed to work or else I would either walk into stuff (I nearly ran into a poll outside the shopping centre) or be squinting while talking to customers. Luckily the manager Mrs. Amazing Marlon Brando Woman, 9she is seriously cool as) was understanding of my predicament and luckily the eye glass shop was open on a Saturday. Phew! So I guess this last paragraph was entirely boring, who wants to read about my stupid glasses? I apologise for the boringness.

I probably already told Chris this but I was meandering around Coles on Wednesday while working at Pixi Foto and I saw a pregnant old lady man who looked like an entire sea captain. AN ENTIRE SEA CAPTAIN! He was also wearing a Hawaiian style shirt, a kilt and he had a Santa Clause beard. He seriously looked like an entire character had meandered from the story universe of superheroes. And because my entire job is to annoy people...I was able to talk to him. He was pretty cool. Sadly he wasn't interested in portraits. You had to have been there to see him. He inspired a character in the sequel too! I am not sure if he’d be a main character or a random pregnant old lady man Philis has a row with, but I know for some reason his name is Patrick and he is somehow connected to Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum.

Also on Wednesday I had an entire idea! A couple of people asked me if where I work takes pictures of pets. Sadly they don’t. So I thought to myself it would be really cool to start my own business one day taking portraits or photos of people’s animals, whether they are playing in a park or want to pose with them. I wouldn’t completely do the whole photo studio thing as I am not really in to that. I have always thought that a lot of people feel their dog, cat, bird, the goldfish or whatever is a part of their family. In fact the people I talked too said that their entire family was their dogs. It would be cool if one could have the entire family portraits, not just the human members, but animal as well. I met another lady today who had similar interests.

Take for instance my grandma Val-Lady treats her dogs like their part of the family. She cooks rice and liver every night for their dinner and she loves them like they were one of her kids. She reckons that dogs are like small children and deserve all the best love and care in the entire world even if it is expensive. She even gives them human names, Hev-Lady carried on the tradition somewhat. (We had one dog named Sparky.) My mom kind of said that it was demeaning to give them stupid pet names. It was fun to visit my grandma and her dogs when I was little. My favourite dog of hers was Jerry, but he got old and died sadly. I think my grandma still misses him. I have heaps of photos of my dog Heidi, who was my best dog friend in the entire world. My mom paid me out for taking so many photos, but now that Heidi has passed away I am glad I have a treasure trove of memories. So if people have strong feelings for their animals I think they should also be included in memories such as photos.

P.S. I am incredibly tired!


Lidia said...

Hey Miss Melissa!!

Haha - you made me laugh so much about the pregnant old lady man. He has unwittingly become a character in one of novels...mwahahahaha!!!! I'm glad you got to talk to him :P

I reackon that pet portrait idea is a good one. I guarantee that you will get a lot of business. I don't really understand the whole "I love my pet so much thing" - but I did cry and cry when my cat and two dogs died. So i kind of understand as well. Also, I always remember my former flatmate (who had this gorgeous dog) talking about how when she was going through her divorce, he was literally the only one there. So I guess they do become best friends ;)

Who's turn is it for our email chain??????? I forgot!!


Princess Jo said...

Ah yes, pets are great things. I am sad I cannot have a cat: I miss my cat Midnight, who very fat and black...sigh! He lives with my brothers and Mum now and he's getting old sadly!

I have my birds now, though. They are pretty spoiled....;)


Hedtke said...

Mwahaha, imagine if you had that superpower and you used it on... I don't know... a certain person who's been making a point of hanging out in your dreams? ;-)

I am very displeased that you did not capture this pregnant old lady man so that we could all look at and poke him before you returned him to the Bamboozle universe. He could have escaped from a dimensional rift where many other characters could have found by now -- imagine if Philis was let loose on Rockhampton, nay, the world!! THE ENTIRE WORLD!!

See you on Sat. :-P