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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I can’t believe I haven’t written in this dear old blog in 18 days. EIGHTEEN DAYS! I’ve neglected it to the point that it is collecting cyber dust. For that I apologise.

My life you could say has been eventfully uneventful. Let’s see what has happened since I saw the sea captain? Not much really. Perhaps some random words and phrases will explain it better.

Rainy weather


A flatmate left and another one moved in, same old same old.

Angry Christmas shoppers


I saw a cowboy pregnant old lady man.

“Free” is a subjective and confusing word.


Christmas parties

And that’s about all I can think of.

So as you can see or should I say read…the last couple of weeks leading up to Christmas have made me tired and unable to think properly. If I was not working I was busy with my friends, other social pursuits and forced into taking care of Joan’s birds. YES FORCED! Contrary to popular belief I was not asked to take care of them. I was told I was taking care of them, then reminded a week later I was supposed to be taking care of them. I could have done with out the 7 a.m. wake up call. I have something called work. WORK! Sorry that’s my last rant for the end of the entire year I promise.

Christmas Eve I had to work and Christmas Day once again didn’t feel like the Christmases I knew long ago. I spent it with my friends Serena and Jason and Serena’s family. It was fun. It beat spending it alone. Sadly I think the prawns I ate made me sick. We also went for a quick walk to the beach. I love the beach. I think it was because I was born on an entire island. I like the way the wet sand feels on my feet.

Anyways, the much anticipated Plan 10 from Outer space went off with an entire bang. At the end of it I wore my entire dress, had a bad stomach ache, an angry photographer from work telling me to take a fucking Panadol and a Mr. Potential Love Interest (Sounds like a superheroes character :P) The later confounds me. Not much romantical (I made up this word) happened if you count the endless dancing and trips to the pinball machine. Officer Octogenarian never turned up :(

Speaking of Officer Octogenarian, strangely enough I have nearly forgotten all about my him although he still seems to dwell in my dreams a lot. That reminds me a few weeks before the big night out I had a dream that Officer Octogenarian rejected me. In the dream, I being brave asked him to come out with Amy, Chris and I and he said sorry I have to work. Then I being even braver asked how about some other time to which he reacted by saying.


And that was the end of my entire dream. It made me sad like, but I found it amusing at the same time. For some reason I feel I won’t be talking about Officer Octogenarian much anymore unless it’s the character in my story, which is quite possible.

P.S. I am suffering from brain drain. I promise I will have a better entry soon.

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Laura Urine-Song Honeyboobies said...


I bet that's the longest greeting you have ever received. Hee hee, NO NEVER. I are glad you got to spend Christmas in good company -- Serena must really appreciate your friendship to invite you to spend a holiday as entirely intimate as Christmas with her. I'm typing this from the member's lounge in a cushy hotel in Penang, Malaysia and I will be returning to the Rock of Hamptons at 6:30 am on Friday. 6:30 AM ON FRIDAY!! If Amy's back, the three of us are going town-painting that very night. I'm not asking you, I'm TELLING you that we are. :-P

What's been going on? I feel really out of it coz none of you comment on my entire myspace. BOOHOO! RAH!!

PS: I have a new alter ego, I will show you the films of her on my NEW CAMERA!!!