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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Dear readers of the universe,

A few minutes before writing this I saw an episode of Royal Canadian Air Farce in which there were politically incorrect pregnant old lady men. To which they said the best thing about being old is being able to say whatever you want.

The 26 of December last year was the last time I updated which would mean I haven’t written in my blog in at least a few weeks? So what have I been up to since I neglected my electronic space of endless thoughts and musings? Work, sleep, occasional partying (more than usual I might add) and an ear infection. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

On New Years Eve last year I was forced into hugging a drunk girl who was crying for some reason, smelled bad and kept babbling about snorkels. This year was way different. I’ll just leave it at that.

I could write an entire entry about 2007 in retrospective but it seems kind of redundant if you want to know what happened last year you can read previous entries. The only major thing I think happened was deciding to stay in Australia for now by finding some amazingly clever loophole and finishing Song of the Superheroes.

As for Song of the Superheroes I know I said I finished it in October but, I am still technically working on it. I am writing the third draft in which I am going over some plot errors and fixing it up a bit. I could have it finished sooner, but I’ve been too tired to write. In fact one of my New Years Resolutions is to get back to my writing I feel like I’ve neglected my craft. I am also attempting write the sequel which is rather garbled. I think its coming together differently than Song of the Superheroes. However it is likely to be just as dastardly weird and random. I even have a new main character and other characters as well.

My job at Pixi Foto has turned out to be the most amazingly challenging job I have ever had in my entire life. My friend Phillip keeps paying me out saying who would honestly want photos taken? Oddly he showed up at work on Wednesday to which I proved to him that people do want them. I got an entire lead, which is basically a call them back later. Ha so there! He still keeps paying me out though. I believe people for some insane reason do want portraits done you just have to find them. Its like finding an entire needle in a very aggressive go away I hate you type haystack. It’s challenging which is one of the reasons I like it and hate it equally. Everyone tells me to quit and I think about quitting at least once ever other shift, but I am going to stick with it and prove that I can do it. Besides I can’t go now I finally got my Pixi Foto name badge which makes it official.

I also meet some interest people at Pixi Foto. Yesterday I met two Canadians, which strangely made me seriously excited. I now actually agree when some say there is a difference between the Canadian and American accent. Also they were from Calgary which is three hours from Lethbridge where I used to live.

So I not wanting to pass up the opportunity asked the Canadian guy the one question I’ve always wanted to ask another Canadian if in fact I ever ran into one. Do you often get mistaken for American? And once corrected on the true nationality do they apologise profusely? In fact he was mistaken for American earlier that morning. We all kind of agreed that it’s kind of annoying and somewhat insulting to me mistaken for our neighbours south of the border but it’s not enough to get cranky because it is an honest mistake. These two Canadians were an obviously not interested in getting portraits taken, but were randomly looking for camping gear. I then helped my fellow countryman and woman by giving them directions to Big W or Kmart which would most definitely have what they were looking for. Before this I met one Danish and two Austrians. Yesterday was a very international day.

Not to mention I keep meeting random people who have seen me at both jobs and ask me why I have two jobs. It’s none of there friggen business that’s what! It keeps me busy, sane, sheltered and fed and that’s what matters. I don’t have to explain nothing.

P.S. I apparently have an entire boyfriend.


Lidia said...

Hey Melissa!

So is you know who your entire boyfriend now??? This is news :P

Haha - it's funny, i just got home and already I can't wait to go back and party with you guys again :P

Yes, I can imagine if I got mistaken for an american, i would be very annoyed!


Princess Jo said...

Ummm...I have been mistaken for a Brit a couple of times: especially when I was younger: I always found it quite hilarious....

Yah: congrats on the boyfriend...relationships are bloody hard work but are always worth it in the end. There is just something about having another person in your life that makes the whole thing worthwhile...


Laura Urine-Song Honeyboobies said...

Heh heh, accents are a funny thing. Like, have you noticed how Chinese and Japanese accents sound like French accents, or how Indian accents sound like British ones? Or how Australian ones sound like British ones etc?