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NERD nerdy retarded weird girl central...well mostly my mussings and random interludes whilst I am working towards getting a car and licence so my random adventures and time spent in Australia was worth while. It should be intersting Enjoy! While in Australia...I was sunburnt,went to Sydney and wrote my first novel. So far back in Canadia I have been couch hoping and meandering from city to city. More adventures to come. Hopefully they are as interesting as my Australia ones.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sydney! The city NOT the person

Today I have officially been in Australia for one year and six months. I’m practically an expatriate, although I don’t like to think of myself as one and might be considered one.

Chris on my first trip to Sydney!

On Thursday I went to Sydney, the city not the person for two days. It was fun, but a completely different adventure than last time. The GRP was the reason I came, but the time left before and after I spent exploring. I like the big scaryness of cities for some reason that I can’t figure out just yet. Here is a summary of my mini adventure, although by the end of if you may think it to be an entire convoluted synopsis of a novel.

Firstly I went to visit Chris at North Ryde where Macquarie University is. I successfully managed to catch a bus there without getting lost and was considerably pleased about travelling over the Harbour Bridge, which made my presence as a tourist known to Sydneysiders. Once I arrived Chris gave a tour of the Macquarie uni, the college where he lives and Macquarie Centre, complete with “catch-up” type conversations and dinner. I even had a special visit from Mrs. Lachlan's Mum in which I learnt how to walk with out my soul being detected. I think that is the gist of what she said.

I went to the same hostel as I did last visit to Sydney. I found that because I was around international visitors that I became more in touch with my Canadian self. I kept saying “eh” after every sentence and fondly discussed Canadian stuff.

One major difference between the last visit to the hostel and this one is, people in my room actually talked to me. I met a Welshwoman, a German girl and a friendly old Chinese woman. The German girl was obsessed with her upcoming trip to Darwin, the Welshwoman, was trendy and cool and the Chinese lady kept telling me all about her entire day. This suddenly inspired a want to maybe work and/or own a backpackers or a youth hostel one day. It would be awesome fun!

On Friday afternoon I went to the GRP it was alright, but everyone else there seemed so much more qualified for some reason. They either spoke Japanese or were undertaking a teaching degree at uni. I felt out of place with my non Japanese ability, my journalism degree and nerd nerdy weird shyness I showed to everyone. Although we were shown origami that was fun and living in Japan looks like it would be pretty awesome too. Subsequently, the things I keep thinking are, I should have asked questions, I should have showed some interest, I should learn to speak Japanese I thought the trip was in vain, but then I checked my e-mail. I now have to go back to Sydney for another interview. Yay! But I suck at interviews. Really suck! I hate it when they ask me “why do you think you’d like to work here?” Or “What makes you qualified for the job?” I always stuff up when they ask me that. ALWAYS! Well I guess I’ll find out in a week if I am successful. I might just being going to Japan after all.

The rest of the day I spent exploring. My physical self and mental self became separated and I followed my feet to where ever they fancied. I started off towards Circular Quay and unfortunately I some became lost and spent hours trying find my way back to George St, the Queen Victoria Building.

Along my journey I saw some very interesting things

- A rather grotesque woman with a very prominent dark hairy moustache.
- A used condom on the street, Ewwwwwwwwwwww!
- A happy couple sitting in Hyde Park lost in their own little romantical world.
- Numerous protestors a lot of them against George Bush and John Howard, go figure!
- Multiculturalism!
- Businessmen in suits
- Skateboarders nearly running over pregnant old lady men
- The twilight hitting the old buildings somewhat majestically.

On Friday evening it came to my intention that I give off loneliness vibes. The Chinese lady figured I was lonely. I found this outstandingly hilarious for some reason

Chinese lady: You give impression that you are boring.
Me: Really? You mean bored?
Chinese lady: Yes, forgive me my English is not so good, I think maybe you might be lonely? Lots of young people like to talk to other young people.
Me: Its alright I am happy to be by myself I am just writing.
Chinese lady: I think you should go talk to young people, you won’t be so lonely.
Me: But I’m not lonely…..

So it isn’t just the manager of the units who thinks this? Chris says perhaps because I am quiet it could be assumed I am lonely. The thing is I am usually quiet around people I don’t know and I although am increasingly enjoying social outings, I am genuinely satisfied to entertain myself.

After this conversation I played solitaire with a pack of cards. However I eventually took the Chinese lady’s advice went downstairs to the lounge and talked with two Englishmen from London for a couple of hours. They were cute, but I mostly liked their accent. I want to marry an Englishman for his accent. Ha ha just kidding! I think I was trying to make flirty with them, but I either wasn’t aware of it or wasn’t in the first place, so I mustn’t have been making flirty at all. One of the Brits said my voice was angelic. Suddenly I am at peace with the sound of my voice. It’s not childlike. It’s angelic! Two very good looking Englishmen seem to think so.

Yesterday morning the lights were turned on in the room, which nearly blinded me. It was the Chinese lady again.

Me: Owe my entire eyes! (I pull the blanket over eyes to shield myself) Did you turn the lights on purpose?
Chinese lady: Yes I think you should be up you having to leave very soon.
Me: (I look at the time) It’s 8:15!
Chinese lady: You leave at 10 a.m. you should be up very soon.
Me: Thank you?

My thoughts on this: Did she think she was my entire mother or something? This furthers my belief that people dislike those who sleep in till nine, ten, even eleven in the morning and have a vendetta against them of some sort. It’s a conspiracy against sleeper inners like me. I think Joan and the Chinese lady were in cahoots as Joan rang me up at 7 a.m. asking me if I wanted to go to Biloela. My brain was on such a far off vacation I could muster the words to answer her. I eventually declined and went back to bed till 11 a.m.

The rest of yesterday was spent with Chris again. No surprise to me but we talked about my novel and future novel about the superheroes characters a lot. We discuss it all the time. We went to Circular Quay but somehow got lost and ended up in Kings Cross, after much walking later we finally arrived back to our destination of Oxford Street. It reminded me of a story about the Mormon family I met here in Rocky, (Yes the same ones that kidnapped Ashleigh and held her for ransom of cabbages) I mentioned I went to Sydney and they asked me where I went. I said Oxford Street and the whole entire house went silent. The old lady replied “That’s the gay part of Sydney!” and I replied. “Yes so?” I haven’t been invited over for dinner since then. Coincidence? It’s a shame a real shame too because I was getting free food. Just kidding!

Chris and I then went to Yoshinoya for beef bowls called Gyūdon. It tasted good. I think eating there was a positive sign for some reason. Now I know one of the reasons to go to Japan is for the food.

I realised my trip was over for a while when I was about to board the bus to the airport and Chris shrugged and said, “So I’ll see you around?” Then it hit me, holy shit I am going back to Rockhampton. We hugged as friends do and I felt sad as I waved goodbye.

However, something tells me I haven’t seen the last of Sydney and even though I thought I would be bored having no friends to hang out with I found being alone on the adventure more rewarding in some way.

P.S. If Superheroes were to be made into a movie. It would be filmed in Sydney, the place not the person. Oh yes and umm… beware of the dog army!


TITUBA said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Melissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

Glad to see you are made it back safely, I was a tad worried, being unable to txt or ring you or things of that communicative-type nature, mainly because Philis kept eating all the phones.

Congratulations on getting a return invitation for an interview -- so you now know that you actually are went well enough to qualify for a second visit to Sydney-the-city-and-not-the-person. We are shall have some more adventures and drag Amy Dark Hair Face along for the ride.

Princess Jo said...

Hi melissa!!

Sounds like you had loads of fun. You must come and see me and tell me all about it. I must warn you however my house looks as if an elephant lives in it!