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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Friendship Follies and Absurdity

I am bored today. I am not sure if I should bug the misogynist, write chapter 57 of Song of the Superheroes or go to uni to work on my Desktop Publishing assignment. The last one is the most important followed by the other two. The first one on my list isn’t even worth it.

For the last couple of days I have felt very torn. You know that feeling when you’re in between two people or in this case a group of people vs. one person. Whenever this happens I want to side with both for some reason, but I know I can’t choose. This I will say is about McTheif Queen of Lies and Drama of all Dramaness. (Again I use a word that doesn’t friggen exist!) I won’t say exactly what McTheif did, but you could probably make a guess about it considering the nickname I gave her or perhaps you’d think that I watched Grey’s Anatomy to much and some how came to this logical conclusion of her name. Apparently she is up to her old habits and I don’t know if I should be her friend because I feel like I am betraying everyone else. Maybe it’s because I am too much of a people pleaser and I worry what they will think about me. It all boils down to my lack of confidence or perhaps I like to instigate conflict for some reason.

If I were to continue being her friend it would be primarily based on a foundation of lies. LIES! I don’t know if I can truly trust her as trust is a fundamental element of friendship. Every time I hang out with her I remember what she did and I don’t I’ve truly forgiven her. Forgiveness is another thing bestowed upon friendship and if I have troubles doing that then I have no business being her friend again. All in all it’s been confusing.

Speaking of friendship I don’t agree with my other friends so called levels of friendship. He believes there are three levels of friendship, acquaintances the people you know, mates the people you have fun with and friends the people you know will always be there for you know matter what. I see his logic for it but I was under the impression your friends with people for life and your friends with them in different ways, but you know they’d be there for you in the end and they would have the same expectations of you. It makes me wonder why “type” of friend he considers me too be.

P.S. I am going to uni after all, then writing chapter 57.

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