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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Insanity at its finest!

Urghhhh….Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the multimedia lab trying to work on a dastardly desktop publishing assignment, but I couldn’t seem to be motivated. I still haven’t finished it.
Not to mention I was incredibly stressed because of it. When this happens little things set me off into irritation. For instance someone typing at a computer nearby was annoying me to know end. I wanted ear plugs to stop the constant typing. Ahhahahahahhaha! God help me! Certain ways of typing on a keyboard irritates me for some reason. Another that gets me is constant sniffling and the sound of people eating crunchy things, like nuts. I want to scream. SCREAM!

By the end of reading this paragraph you may have denoted that I am insane. INSANE! Sometimes I worry that I am a sociopath nut case crazy sociopath person.
They always say it’s the quiet ones. Sometimes my dream reflect my insanity, more on that later.

As if that hadn’t irritated me enough my friend Nick kept bugging me for help on his assignment. I didn’t mind helping him on his assignment. In fact I asked for his help too, but he went on and on about Stargate, Air Cadets and Transformers. I finally told him in some exasperation, which I think was a bit rude that I don’t want to talk about it anymore and that I really had no interest in the stuff. He seriously talks about it every time I see him. I think I upset or hurt his feelings because he kept asking me why I hated it. I don’t know I just do!

Speaking of dreams… After reading Chris’s blog I remembered some very strange dreams I have had. I call them the comically amusing trio, because they aren’t really scary but I am highly amused by them.

Dream 1:

In one dream I am about to make kissy with a very beautiful man, who oddly kept changing in appearance.

In my dream we were sitting on my bed and I was holding my red binder that I use at university. Coincidentally we talked about university he said that the lecture was an idiot because he didn’t like to accept others opinions and for some reason I thought of my old journalism lecturer Bruce Honeywill. Which I think is highly unlikely.
The man was getting very cosy with me and he said the smell of my hair should be bottled into a perfume because it smelt so lovely. Then he changed into Hugh Jackman. He put his arm around me and I sensed he wanted to kiss me so I said that I wanted to put my binder away and he said, quiet seductively “OK but don’t be long.”

So I made a detour to the bathroom and began to brush my teeth, I somehow became aware I was dreaming and said I can’t believe I am going to make out with him. I hope I don’t wake up and there was some anxiety as to whether my alarm clock would wake me, but at the same time I was really excited about it.

Then I rigorously brushed my teeth to the point that my gums were bleeding. When I spat out the toothpaste it was reddish green. When I was finished I looked in the mirror and I screamed, but there was nothing wrong with my teeth, they just looked the same. THE END!

Dream 2:

It was a bizarre dream which was dark and scary like a zombie holocaust movie. But instead of everyone turning into zombies I turned into Pegasus, except I am purple with pink wings, but my wings are flimsy and bat like. Then a guy whom I am in love with in the dream turns into satyr, but he is about to turn into a zombie.

Then two men wearing black suits, whom look like the Men In Black one looked like Will Smith so I assumed it must of have been and the other looked like some random guy who shall not be named type character show up and rescue us in a helicopter.

They never talk but I understand what is going on. I then have to drop my satyr lover from the sky before the zombification takes place. We say goodbye in the sky and I drop him. It was sad.

Then for some reason Will Smith gets all trigger happy and starts firing a gun into the air, while flying through the air. The then throws out an important briefcase out the window and starts to shoot at it, but the other guy stops him and he straps a life line to himself and goes to the surface to try and get it back and I am worried that the zombies will get him. Then I dream that I wake up in a strange room and its 9:05 a.m. and I practically have a panic attack because I think I am late for uni.

Dream 3:

I know I am obsessed with my novel because I dream about it quite frequently. Except this one doesn’t fit in with Song of the Superheroes.

It starts off with me about to be killed in a cyclone. It’s kind of gothic because I come out of my room and where the bathroom is a highly fancy church window. The window breaks and it lacerates my arm and there is blood everywhere. Then my crush Officer Octogenarian comes to rescue me. I stay with him to be safe, most likely to feel safe. Then not be scared of my impending doom I day dream about my novel. In this dream day dream, dogs and humans in harmony and everyone is floating through the air in tranquilly.

Then reporters Mark Mathews and Janie Moore were climbing a volcano near Bamboozle and many people including Sarah Evans kept warning them not too but they wouldn’t listen. It erupted while they were climbing and the lava was purple for some reason. Then I remember the dogs becoming angry with humanity because they felt humans were mean to them.

Soon I become Sarah Evans cat, named Raven Hair, because I am black haired and fluffy. In this dream I am the only non speaking animal in Bamboozle but I think that applied to Fergaria-Finbarton. As a cat I was very fussy and I was angry with the way Sarah made my food. She didn’t “smooch it enough”. Then I sit on her lap while she watches TV, but I climb up and sit on her neck, which clearly annoys Sarah.

Then I become a frantic spectator running for my life down the street from a riot caused by dogs and I see a swimming pool full of grey rabbits and they keep chanting “destroy all humans.”

Then an announcement is made by Nigel on the radio that “Wild Will has been elected Prime Spinster Minster of Fergaria-Finbarton and that voters should be ashamed. ASHAMED!” Then I become a police officer and I arrive to the Prime Spinster office to see a legion of loyal dogs. I would have happily dreamt more but the alarm clocks woke me up. I know that I dreamt about this because Chris and I talked about the sequel to Song of the Superheroes and we discussed the dogs attempting to take over Bamboozle.

P.S. I think I just gave away part of the plot to Song of the Superhero sequel. Oops! I command you to forget everything you just read.


Tohou Lidia said...

ew....hugh jackman??? hahhahahaha- nah, he's a nice and decent enough man. If you had have said someone like guy sebastian i would have been scared :P yes - they are weird dreams - but i guess everyone has them!

And wasn't this the nick you liked only a few short months ago??

Oh, i left you a note on myspace- i'm coming home in october and going to have a small birthday bbq so of course you're invited :P Keep early October open!

Luv Amy

Tohou Lidia said...

oh i forgot to tell you!

YOU ARE TAGGED!!! :P Visit my blog for the details!

Luv Amy