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Monday, September 24, 2007

"Words on my mind please tell my you'll be mine" ~Buddy Holly

Currently I am working on assignments. A lot of things are on my mind…for starters

1. Assignments!!! A few particular headings for my 100 year old lady report strike me in an odd way.

Logistics of Waste management
"Tell them to fucking clean up after themselves!!! "

Departure of guests
"Tell them the get the fuck out!!! "

Then I identified as a possible risk that “Mrs. Smith may die. DIE!”

Definitely not something that would constitute a passing grade, but it is coming along.

Case in point thank you to Jo for suggesting a venue for the assignment, but I am don’t think it’s the same as the engagement party. Oh and I stole an idea off of you, yes, yes I know I got angry eyed about the “My Goals” thing, but I wrote in my report about effective communication that a family member has set up a blog to keep others informed of the happenings…I’ll have to buy Joan a block of chocolate or something.

Single words for report part of Desk Top Publishing….0 fanatical fear of failing absolutely priceless.

2. The same goes for my essay in Sexualities and Representation. Although the essay should be interesting because I plan to use the novel The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin as an example. I picked the topic, how does heteronormativity regulate homosexuals as well as heterosexuals and the theme of the story kind of relates. The story is a science fiction (surprise, surprise…think NERD nerdy retarded weird girl) about a earth like planet called Gethen, currently experiencing an ice age, but what is unique about this planet is that it’s people are all of one sex and only procreate every 26 days when in kemmering, in which they change sex. They can either conceive or become impregnated. The book takes the idea of gender and throws it out the window. It is interesting because the main character Genly Ai from the Ekumen a league of worlds like ours has the heterosexist notions of today. He clashes with these people thinking they are abnormal and is kind of angry about their feminine qualities and on the opposite end the people think he is perverted because he is in permanent kemmering or his genitals are constantly present. Soon Genly Ai and a Gethen Estraven begin a friendship which boarders on love, but Genly won’t act on it as he isn’t sure how it would work. I find it to be a very interesting concept. Hopefully the lecturer will understand my reasoning for including it in my essay.

3. Then there is Officer Octogenarian, the person not the character, I can’t seem to get him out of my entire head, although the character does seem to have a fixture in my mind as well. On Saturday night at the clubs the song “This is Why I’m Hot” was playing. I immediately thought ah this is Officer Octogenarian, the character not the person’s theme song. I told Chris who giggled at my theoretical observation. Ironically at the same time I checked my mobile to for messages and the real Officer Octogenarian sent me a message. AN ENTIRE MESSAGE! I felt like my entire heart was ready to explode from excitement as he had never texted me before. It was a fluke as I had accidentally invited him out to the clubs, the message was meant for my former flatmate Taryn, whom I was expecting the reply from in the first place. Therefore my ridiculous school girl response i.e. jumping up and down and screaming means I am entirely obsessed. OBSESSED! For even more irony Joan whom also was there was dressed like a school girl. Coincidence? Probably not.

Interestingly enough I was more scared about talking to Officer Octogenarian then singing karaoke, which I did successfully pull off, even though I couldn’t keep up with the words. The song was specifically orientated towards the moment too. :P

I think I talked about Officer Octogenarian so much after that it probably drove Chris and Joan nuts. I kept quibbling certain things I’d like to ummm do…around an ummm with him…probably the same things Philis or Sarah would like to do the character Officer Octogenarian, except Sarah would have to drink red cordial before she’d act on it. Joan keeps telling me to not get my hopes up. I try to keep my logical brain in check, but sometimes the heart overpowers and its hard not to get caught up in the excitement, seeing as nothing would happen as I might be sent packing to Canada in November… Then again Joan would have had to been there to understand why I got my hopes up.

4. Another thing my Grandma sounded angry in her last e-mail…saying ‘it’s time I come home and save up for my next adventure!’ She treats me like I am incapable of making up my own decisions, yet acts like I can at the same time. It makes no sense to go to Canada for three months, come back to Australia for Joan’s engagement party then head off to Japan two months after that. I wouldn’t have a chance in hell of Grandma buying me a return ticket. I might as well stay awhile longer and save up here if I can manage to get a job. I might have more luck once I am available full time. However, if I stay here, then my mom will be upset because I told her that I officially made up my mind to come home, knowing full well that I could officially make up my mind to stay days later. It gives me an entire headache. I flip flop with my decisions to much and its entirely damaging to future outcomes or confusing the hell out of me.

5. I was mean to Joan today. :( I somehow got annoyed when she asked me where the class was for sexualities and representations, and I said that it shouldn’t be my responsibility to direct you to classes seeing as I actually attend uni. Shame on me, I realised after I said that, having immediately getting the embarrassed feeling and seeing the look from a very upset Joan that I was in the wrong. So I am sorry Joan I seriously didn’t mean to offend you and I should have taken better care with the words I used. Consider this a world wide public apology.

P.S. I am tired and sleepy now…I'll probably end up dreaming about Officer Old again!

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