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Monday, September 10, 2007

My femputer

Scene from Amazonian Woman in the Mood. I will explain this one shortly.

I am expanding out of my friendship group and hanging out and making friends with new people lately. There is a computer nerd and his girlfriend that live near I do and some classmates from my Sexualities and Representation class. Not to worry though, I still love the friends I have now. Oh yes the computer nerd fixed my computer. :P

Speaking of my computer....

During a rather stormy evening, as the weather hasn't been so great. I out of boredom and procrastination I decided to name my computer Femputer Purpleton 2003. Femputer because is feminine, not to mention the Futurama reference, Purpleton because my character Finbarpupleton came to life on this very computer screen and 2003 because that’s the year I bought it.

Yes ladies and gentlemen my computer is a trusty female computer that has been with me for four years now. I prefer to think of my old computer as suffering from PMS. It constantly craves more ram (the computer not the person) like I crave sweets, it temperamental when I run to many programs at once and hard drive space that saves every stinking memory I have and uses against me later, especially when I am homesick. (Think pictures!) Then it overheats and randomly shuts off. Now that I think of it, maybe my trusty femputer is suffering from menopause, mostly because of the hot flashes that shuts my computer down randomly but its also about to stop its ability of reproduction, becoming outdated and possibly suffering a mid life computer crisis.

My computer is past its use by date and I am in need of a new computer, but there is just one problem, it is my “writer computer” I won’t be able to toss this fine piece of writer aid in to the rubbish tip. I’m afraid I won’t be able to write on an other computer anymore. I know I can write this blog, some times my assignments and the various Carol/Philis stories on random public computers, but I am unable to write my important novels or stories anywhere else. I’ve tried to write Song of the Superheros on another computer and it really wigged me out. It just doesn’t feel write (pun intended) unless I am writing on my big blue metallic outdated hunk of computer junk. Yes I have had this electronic wasteland for many years now and even though its getting pretty close to seeing the ghost. I still feel a sense of admiration for my computer. How strange is it to think of a piece of machinery devoid of any soul made merely for my leisure and school work as an important symbol of my writer identity? Case in point by reading this entry you can tell I am procrastinating. Not to mention I just created a metaphor for femininity and machinery and compared it to female biology.
As for the Futurama reference, in the episode Amazon Woman in the Mood, Leela, Captain Zapp Brannigan, Kip and Amy become stranded on a jungle planet after Captain Brannigan crashed a restaurant spaceship in which they were having a very unbearable half-date. Soon Fry worries about the others and with the help of Bender go to rescue them. It is soon discovered they are on a planet entirely populated by giant woman called Amazonians. The men are immediately taken captive; Amy and Leela are left alone because they are woman. The Amazonians then bring the men to the mighty femputer, who sentences Fry, Kip and Captain Brannigan to death by snu snu (sex).

P.S. Do you know what its like to be a fembot in a manbots manputers world?

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Tohou Lidia said...


You know what? I am becoming obsessed with futurama too! I never used to really watch it for some strange reason but ever since i moved house it has become a part of my afternoon routine after coming home from work! I love it, it's hilarious!

I agree about the computer - i love my laptop although it is being quite good to me at the moment :)

Hey, it's good you are having fun! Don't worry about losing your old friends - i'm always gonna be your mate ;) Oh and Stephen Harper was in Canberra yesterday but i didn't see him unfortunately!

Luv Amy