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Sunday, September 16, 2007

My future goals of aspirations of non oblivion

Sorry I just think this is hilarious for some reason. I agree LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! If you check out his other videos he has some interesting things to say.

Ah yes my new layout pretty spiffy eh? I was considering changing the address to but I thought it might be to confusing too many readers I am unaware of besides my friends. So I changed it back to the same address as before.

As for the questions about the 100 year old lady? Her name is Mary Smith and she just lost her eighth husband in an air ballooning accident. These accidents seem to happen a lot around her. Her lust for men I mean money, MONEY has no limits. Ha ha just kidding! For this reason and this reason only I do not recommend anyone making kissy with her.

Anyways when I started writing this entry it was 1:16 a.m. I haven’t stayed up that late in a long time. I’m trying to make myself really tired in hopes I will fall asleep easier…I am just experiencing a lot of confusion lately and its making it hard to sleep.

Do I stay or do I go. I was talking to my British grandma about my confusion and she said:

“Sometimes confusion means you shouldn't do it. Make a list of the pros and cons of what you want to do with your life, and decide from that. Definitely don't listen to anyone, not even me, when it comes to whether or not you should come home. It is your life, so live it the way you want to.”

Grandma also suggested I make a list of goals and put them somewhere prominent so I will see it. What better place than my blog right? So here are 10 goals in no particular order or importance

  1. Buy a new computer. FEMPUTER HAS LET ME DOWN TO MANY TIMES! I am so angry with it I won’t even try to rescue it from oblivion. I’ll sell of the parts and buy a new one. Hah!

  2. Finish my novel and have it published.

  3. Finish university and get my degree

  4. Finish all my bloody assignments. I have 1 report about the old lady’s birthday party due in two weeks and a project which includes a report, one essay that I haven’t started and 3 out of 5 short answer questions to finish in only three weeks.

  5. Go to Japan to teach English. On the 29th I am going to Brisbane (not Sydney sorry Chris and Amy) for an interview to do so.

  6. Go to Brazil, for the coffee

  7. Pay off my debts, no one likes them

  8. Get a new camera. One of those digital SLRs heck yes!

  9. Grow some nerve and stand up for myself

  10. Learn to speak a new language.


As an unofficial goal I want to marry a football player. I have no idea why it just something random I guess. As for the specific footballer? That’s a question undecided as of now.

P.S. I think I am going home in November :(


Princess Jo said...

Oh Melissa!! What a great list! And I am going to steal the idea ;) with my typical aplomb!

It's sad you are going home soon. I am going to miss you alot! ALOT I SAY! I am going to have mental breakdowns ;)!! lol

We should go swimming one day this week! Or maybe more than that, I don't know!


Pachuco Cadaver said...

Hi, Professor Are Moody,

You are should apply for a VISA! Australia needs you!!