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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Roar f**king roar! (watch video and you will understand)

Owe my entire brain!

Sorry if this was offensive seeing as the f word is used pretty much every sentence but it made me laugh. And laugh is something I needed to do.

Today I felt Fidonio again :( I felt very sad like, but I don’t really want to elaborate on it other than I was blamed by the manager for my flatmate moving out. The reason I am too messy apparently. I was going to give a detailed descripton of it but I thought why bother? There is not point to dwell on it.

Anyways I have some good news. Remember how I wrote awhile ago about my assignment that corrupted in for my Desk Top Publishing Class? I got and an entire distinction. AN ENTIRE D! The reason for this is some of the parts of the assignment were readable, mainly the word documents and…and this is important the lecturer saw me working on the assignment in class and noticed my regular attendance. He said what he saw was pretty accurate and it would have been a different mark if I had not been attending classes regularly. I knew attending class regularly would pay off in the end. Ha I knew it would work out in the end. Now if I could just make headway on assignment 2 of the course.

P.S. I have the flat to myself!

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Tohou Lidia said...

Hey Miss Melissa :)

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond - i originally had written a very long comment which got deleted when i accidently got disconnected :)

Anyway, i hope that you are feeling better. I don't think you are messy and i've been over your house heaps of times :P But at least you do have the flat to yourself!

Good on your for the D :)

Luv Amy