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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I am a great, great, great science fiction nerd.

Yes I know another blog entry so soon. I am just pumping them out aren't I?

Anways, I’ve decided to change the name of my blog to something else which I do not know the name of as of yet….the reason being this blog is really no longer Australia adventures but more of a collection of deep and meaningful thoughts as well as adventures. So I implore my dear friends please give me a name! ANY NAME!

For instance I keep having deep and meaningful thoughts….such as:

People think I am weird if I talk to them. On my flight to Sydney I tried to make conversation with passengers, but they reacted quite strangely. It’s as if everyone is afraid of one another. So I wonder how to do people manage to make friends and even procreate for that matter if we are so bloody afraid and untrusting of one another. It surprises me the human race still exists.

So what am I doing right now besides procrastinating?

I am attempting to work on an assignment for my Events Leisure and Entertainment in which I am planning a birthday party for 100 year old pregnant old lady man wife. It’s fun because I kind of get to make up what she is like. Kind of like a character in a story.

So far she is a science fiction loving great, great, great grandmother, born and raised in Montreal Canada. She moved to Australia after she met her third husband Handsome B. Wonderful (I haven’t decided on a real name yet. I was watching Simpsons earlier) a cattle rancher from Emerald, with whom she had a letter writing affair for 20 years. Her first husband died of cancer and her second she met while being a nurse during the second word war, but he died of typhus.

She has also survived many significant historical events such as World Wars, both waves of feminism, (her mother was a suffragette) and she has seven husbands (some of which died under mysterious circumstances), is insanely rich (think back to husbands), loves 1950s science fiction film, aided in the rise of Trekkies, voted for many different prime ministers, has 7 children, 16 grandchildren, 23 great grand children and 11 great, great grandchildren and two great, great, great grandchildren. She studied at McGill University to become a science teacher, but she had to give up teaching when she had her first baby to fit with the times. She is afraid of balloons, likes tea parties, (not dinner parties) has read hundreds of thousands of books, mostly science fiction, served on the local council, is an accomplished science fiction novelist, possibly a journalist (she used a male pseudo name to gain respectability) and has had a life long dream to meet William Shatner. After reading all of this the lecturer will:

A) Take into consideration that I have a very obscure imagination.
B) I like science fiction
C) Both A and B
D) Wonder what the heck I was thinking???
E) All of the above
F) Most likely E

So my theme of the old lady’s party will most likely be a science fictiony one, the mayor will most likely attended as she served on the local council, William Shatner wouldn’t be coming because that would be insane, her family would attended as well as her decrepit pregnant old lady men, there wives and various spinsters. All in all this could use some work. Not to mention I have other assignments I need to work on as well.

P.S. My grandma looks like a pregnant old lady man wife in this here picture :P and she isn’t 100 yet either.


Rae Lachlan's Mumerson said...

Hi Melissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:
I have some suggestions for your blog's new title:

1: Boobilocity
2: Boobilocity Central
3: tales of a femputer
4: the nerd NERDY retarded weird girl chronicles
5: the big fat world of Philis Fatuous

When I moved to Sydney I had the same thing going for me when I tried to engage random strangers in conversational-type talk. It was futile but, in second term talking to people has become easier and easier. I think it's to do with circumstance and possibly timing. I think you have to start with something about the circumstances coz that are something they can are immediately understand.

Are I invited to the pregnant old lady man wife's birthday party? I are could make birthday kissy with her. She are has led an interesting and full life it would are seem. What are her name and where can I find some of her novels?

Tohou Lidia said...

Haha - yes you do have a vivid imagination!

I agree with rae lauchlan's mumerson - it's all about circumstance i guess. I do think people are just too busy in their own friendship circles nowadays and it is really rare to find a great "community" type setting! But oh well, what can we do?

Good luck with your assignment and i love your new blog!

Luv Amy