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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The I almost missed the dog on bus!

OK so I finally got my new Dell computer delivered courtesy of Purolator. Yay! It is beautiful all shiny and red. It will take some getting used too as it is a new computer. It runs so much better then my old one circa 2002 which I have been reminded constantly that it is ancient in computer years. By the time the financing for this computer is done it will be past it expiry date too! I promise to take good care of it. I really do. My writing seems so foreign on the new one though. Not to mention it won’t let me modify any old Microsoft Word documents because it says they are locked so I am forced to use Microsoft Works which I think is the same thing.

So I almost missed the bus this morning. I was on my way to meet Erica for coffee, but the stupid dogs would not go outside for me. They just stared at me blankly with a look of pure guilt. It took at least 10 minutes...
Me: Come on boys, outside. (Meanwhile it s 20 past 10 and the bus comes in four minutes.)
Dogs: (Stare blankly at me) You want us to what?
Me: Come on boys outside.
Dogs: No understand human language
Me: Come on boys outside. I will give you treats. (I am starting to get into a panic about missing the bus.)
Dogs: Don't you dare try to bribe us! (Sydney hides under the chair in the living room and Weiser decides to wait paitently by the front door thinking perhaps I will take them for a walk instead.)
Weiser: I'm ready!
Sydney: If I hide well enough perhaps you won't leave me! DON'T LEAVE ME MELISSA!
Me: (Runs back to room and grabs a gourmet dog treat and then nearly breaks tooth trying to break it in half and attempts to give one to dogs.)
Dogs: (Both Feign interest)
Sydney: Oh sure give me the smaller half. I am not moving!
Weiser: (Sniffs) Whats this?
Me: Gets fed up grabs Sydney and places him under my arm like a football then proceeds to grab Weiser by his collar and force them outside. I shove Weiser and lightly toss Sydney. He makes a light plunk on the wooden deck.
Dogs: (Run back in! Sydney runs and hides under the chair. Weiser stops and looks at me waging his little stubby tale.)
Me: (Ready to pull hair out.)
Dogs: We are not going outside therefore you're staying.
Me: (Panics) I am going to miss the entire bus! (Now for round two! I successfully get them outside.)
Dogs: Give me a despondent look of pure abandonment.
Me: (Runs and just barely makes the bus.)

This just proves dogs are smarter then they let on...

I should be in bed but I really wanted to write something before I went to bed. I'll have a more thought provoking entry soon I promise!

P.S. I really hope I get to see Carol in September!

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