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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The ten minute entry concerning canned potatoes

I only am allowed 14 minutes on this computer because I was unable to locate or make anyone vacate the 60 minute computers at the library. Rah. Therefore I shall make a quick entry.


I wrote an entry.

The end.

Just kidding lets see if we can spout a small story in less than 12 minutes. How about the dilemma of the canned potatoes.

Matthew a.k.a. The pastinator. (He is a pastor with super strength :P Perhaps it was because he lifed 3 -4 heavy boxes at once.) helped Hev-Lady and I move in other words he did the bulk of the work with his friend Jesse who only came to visit Matthew and therefore spent quality fishing time moving my mom and I. Apparently the one thing he was amazed and fascinated to no ends is my moms cornucopia of canned goods particularly the potatoes. He kept paying my mom and I out for it. So I told my mom and she gave him a jar. He still hasn't eaten it. I've been texting him constantly reminding him of his duty to try them, yet he says he hasn't gotten the courage to do so or he is waiting for the right moment.....Hmmmmmmm......Perhaps he should stick to the sweet pickles mom gave him instead?

And something that is still troubling me is my moms sudden interest in writing she is now using my excuse how she was tired because she stayed up writing. Gah! She started journaling every night because she notices how I write every night and I say how important it is too me. It's bad enough to copy my hobby but to start using my writing practices...Grrrrr.....

P.S. I wrote an entry. AND I get to see Pretty Blue Eyes in an hour. :P I have four minutes left on this computer....

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