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Monday, June 29, 2009

The pieces of my heart

It’s a new week therefore a new start. :)

I am kind of relieved because I resolved the conflict from Wednesday between another associate and I who I will call Rosie for anonymity reasons. Turns out she, was just upset by the way I was discussing Pretty Blue Eyes, which I agree. She was more concerned about me being too open and that I should keep personal matters to myself and what happened between Pretty Blue Eyes and I should be kept between us. She also pointed out that my friend Carma Bubbly (because she is so cheery and happy) was very loud about my affections for Pretty Blue Eyes and proceeded to describe him, although rather accurate in a rather inappropriate way, one that I strangely got all annoyed with others for during a completely different incident. I digress I got caught up in the excitement of the moment, which is really easy when you like someone. I apologised to Rosie if I offended her and that I learnt my lesson. She was so nice about it in fact she is quite lovely, which really surprised me as I thought she entirely hated me. Considering I was stupid a couple of days after the incident and mentioned that she embarrassed me to another associate without checking to see if she was in the entire lounge. I didn’t say why I was embarrassed but I mentioned I learnt my lesson regarding the distribution of personal matters to others. I waved awkwardly once she was pointed it out and decided that it was kind of redundant to keep brewing over something that was obviously a misunderstanding therefore I was impressed to apologise to her. THE END!

Too think that in a month or so I’ll have been back in Canada for a whole year. It seems like yesterday that I was anticipating the move back, only a fraction of a second ago when as the plane was leaving Rockhampton taxing, ready to take off into the sky that I burst into tears. I remember the flight attendant asking me if I was OK. The truth is I left my heart sitting in the waiting room at the airport; I left it behind with my friends.

I used to think that I if I left most of my heart in another country, would I be able to give my whole heart to others? I mean I spread it around to Carol, Tony, my Mom (Even though Hev-Lady drives me mad) and my friends in Australia, where was the rest of my heart and is it meant for someone else special and more best friends too? So considering my experience from two-weeks ago and how I am making more friends here, I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps I still have enough of my heart to give or perhaps it’s bigger than I thought it was. I feel that almost a year later I am finally finding my way again, adjusting to the new circumstances of my life. I feel like things are getting better despite the rough patches I have endured. I think it’s only made me stronger.

P.S. I have been writing more Fizzy Lemonade lately. :P

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