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Friday, June 26, 2009

My unchosen playlist of songs in my entire head!

I always get songs in my head that seem to reflect how I am feeling at the time. I am suffering from many musical worms.

For starters when I finally realised I liked Pretty Blue Eyes, I was stuck with the song Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear? By the Carpenters. Urgh I kept wanting to sing it all the time. I just felt so joyous.

Now it’s a mixture of It Hurts to Be In Love by Gene Pitney, then occasionally Love by Nat King Cole on constant rewind in my head, word for word. Followed by, You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes. These songs just pop up out of nowhere! Rah! It’s like one song is reflecting my hurt one is reflecting how I feel still and one is advising me and giving me hope. I think about stuff to much.

And when I was anticipating Star Trek I kept hearing every version of the theme songs from four of the TV series, the original series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Then sometimes randomly Teletubies! To the point that I sing it out loud, needless to say I got funny looks. Maybe it represents my childishness.

And of course the honourable mentions are

Threes Company theme song


Dora the Explorer

Jingle Bells

Pretty much any oldie song randomly pops in too no thanks to satellite radio and my mom’s love of the old stuff.

Any Hannah Montana song, stupid singing pens near the tills. I want to take them off the shelves and throw them into the fiery pits of hell. I wish those stupid kids would leave them alone.

I could think of more too. Anyways I felt I should write a happier entry. :P

P.S. I forgot to return my first library book in on time. :P That is all. I just wanted to be random.

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