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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My fours star ranting an raving entry part 3

Hmmmmmmmmm what to write?

Well I have officially been a four star cashier at Wal-Mart since April. Wow what an accomplishment! Apparently this is no major feat as I should be getting writing awards and having a comfortable journalism job according to some people because I spent all this money and time and blabedy blah on it and therefore I should be. To that I say so what? I mean I am merely making a means to an end. THE END! I wish people would stop budding in to my life even if they mean well.

I’ve had a rough week.

Firstly I had my heart broken and I am infinitely confused about his rejection and the way he said. Is it an open door still or is it closed and he was trying to be nice as to not hurt my feelings. I had to face him the very next day and afterwards I burst into tears because it hurt me a lot. I guess I must of really liked him for that to happen. I keep pining for him. I wish it would entirely stop.

Secondly I came in to contact with my brothers grandparents. It was entirely awkward. It irritated me to no end who little they knew about their own grandson, they live 2 hours away, yet they only visit him at least once a year, twice if he is lucky. They talked to him like he was a little baby. Tony is entirely intelligent. ENTIRELY INTELLIGENT! So there! How would you feel if you were 17 having disabilities or not and your grandma kept saying “Go sit on Daddy’s knee,” etc.

Then I was entirely humiliated by a co-worker in front of my friends in the lunch room and she knows who the firstly is I just mentioned. Her words stung me like venomous daggers. It kind of involved Pretty Blue Eyes. Luckily most of the people were on my side and what she said was so not nice at all. Hmph. I believe in Karma enough said.

These last few entries have been rather ranting and raving in nature. It feels good to get it out though. It saves me from becoming a scarlety monster. I do think I am dealing with this rough patch better then the one a few months ago. Anyways, I promise I will write a real entry soon. :)

P.S. Rough times only make you stronger.

Oh yeah I believe I am 18/ 100 entries :P

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