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Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New You!

Happy New Year! (Sorry about the lateness...)

My brother says Happy New You! This has got me thinking, is each New Year that arrives is it a time to be a new you, to reinvent yourself?

2009: What does this year hold for me? What adventures and misadventures shall befall me? Well it certainly won’t be like 2008 starting out relatively good, then changing to good byes, stressfulness, frustration and emotional obscurity. It seems to be starting out the exact opposite.

But before I go on about 2009, perhaps I will share some of my insights, highlights and whatever else I can think of about 2008.

Highlights of 2008:

Finally getting a degree! Despite the fact I haven’t actually seen it yet. I hope it hasn’t got lost in the mail.

Going back to Canada. It’s been good, but it has also been a bit rough…

Finally finishing Song of the Superheroes or was that 2007? I know I finished it then but I believe I was still working out the kinks for months after…I can’t remember.

Best quotes of 2008:

“I wonder how old I will be when I am 50.”

This was said at the dinner table with Jim-Lady-Man Person and Sue-Woman, which resulted in Sue-Woman erupting in hysterics. I mean to say to my grandma. “I wonder how old you will be when I am 50.”

“It’s so romantic. I need some rope.”

I randomly said this to Elise-Woman/Lady. She was discussing her crush, which I thought was romantic and I had mentioned my issues with Officer Octogenarian. She told me to get some rope and “rope him in.” Somehow I put the two trains of thought together to make this random Melissaism.

“Someone is having a Barbeque!”

I was watching King Kong with Elise and Sam-Lady. Ironically it was at this very intense moment where the two main characters were going to kiss. I smelt the barbeque outside at the pool the Brazilians where having. I mentioned it at this moment enough said.

Best moments of 2008:

Finally seeing Carol after 2 years. I thought it would be awkward and our friendship was in the pits, but apparently not. In fact it seemed like things were almost better for some reason. Anyways it was awesome seeing her again.

Seeing my brother after 3 years and realising how friggen tall he has gotten!

Worst moments of 2008:

I won’t dwell on those….

2008: Good riddance too you!

I have a feeling 2009 will be better. Therefore I have decided to compile a a list of resolutions or goals for the coming year.

  1. Let go of my frustrations and resentment. I keep it in until I explode into
    a) A flaming ball of bitchiness
    b) A red hot glowing Melissa
    c) A scarlety monster.
  2. Work on my indecisiveness. Learn to make a decision because I want to make it, not because I want everyone to be happy with it or because I feel responsible to people it may affect. I’ve already done a lot of this to the point it embarrasses me.
  3. Move out on my own.
  4. Work on my relationship with my mom and brother.
  5. Read:
    a) Something random, that I normally wouldn’t read or haven’t heard of.
    b) Something by Charles Dickens. I haven’t decided which book.
    c) Either 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Journey To the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne
    d) The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.
    e) Ulysses by James Joyce
  6. Finish Fizzy Lemonade by the end of the year. Maybe work on other stories?
  7. Work at trying to get Song of the Superheroes finished.
  8. Update my blog at least once or twice a week. I have a goal of 100 posts by 2010. I actually found half written blog entries that were never published. I've let some good ideas drift by too!
  9. Get more exercise.
  10. Try and save money and pay off debts.
  11. De-clutter, donate or get rid of things I don’t need anymore. I’m a bloody pack rat.
  12. Find my father and ask him his side of the story.
  13. Repair relationships that were damaged.
  14. Make new friends

Anyways, I hope I can stick to my very long list of resolutions or at least attempt some of them…

P.S. My fashion sense is just fine Jo! :P


Princess Jo said...

Ahh good!

Love the Jules Vern books....I would be on the team that says you should read them all....hehe....


Lidia said...

Happy New Year Melissa! I also have yet to do my New Year post :-( Will do it soon before January is over ;-)

Loved all your resolutions...

I put in a vote for the Tale of Two Cities by Dickens or Great Expectations. Both are my favourite. The only Jules Verne novel I have read was Journey to the Centre of the Earth - and I think it's right up your alley ;-) I also like the blog updates resolution! And I hope everything goes ok with your father :-)

Luv Amy

Doctor Dark said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Melissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

Yay, you updated your blog! I approve of your resolutions. I think I've read a kid's version of one of the non-Dickens ones. Continuing your quest to find your father sounds challenging... any ideas on what to do first? And woot! Fizzy lemonade! I haven't said an unspeakable name for months!