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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas shoppers ba humbug!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, I was in Australia contemplating another Christmas without my family, constantly asked if I was going home for Christmas or why I wasn’t going home, etc… Now I am back in Canada, struggling to type this entry as my dog seems to have taken a liking to the computer.

Now Sydney has finally calmed down from trying to eat the mouse cursor on the screen and is lying on my lap keeping my legs warm, which is very useful on a day as cold as -30 with the wind chill.

It has also occurred to me that I am sitting at my computer, known T-Man in sight. Woot! I’ve officially banned him from it for awhile as:

A: He kind of ummm drools on it….
B: He hogs it on me and won’t let me back on it unless I am helping him on a part in a game he is having troubles on.
C: It turns him into a scarlety monster for some reason I haven’t figured out yet. Sorry but I don’t appreciate being hit because I tell him to get off.
D: And because I don’t quiet appreciate him using it without my permission or as soon as I get home from work and (I am barely in the front door!) it isn’t Hi Melissa how are you? It’s “Melissa computer?”

Anyways, on Saturday I successfully had my first breakdown. A customer was so mean to me that I actually cried.

It was all because this crabby feral looking lady didn’t want her son to see his Christmas presents and I was trying to help, but every time I thought I had it bagged enough she wanted another bag. (Yes because triple bagging is not an assault on the environment.) So I tried to help her but she is like no let me do it your holding the line up because there were at least 5 -6 behind her. She violently yanked at the bag I was holding and I accidentally said “You don’t have to be so grabby.” Then she went off her handle and insisted I was mouthing her off. The irony was she was mouthing me off. She was a fucking bitch! I admit I shouldn’t have said anything, but she didn’t have the right to flip out at me and then she ended her tirade with “I was trying to help you.” I managed to stay composed for three more customers and as soon as my line was cleared I burst into tears. It was embarrassing. Luckily another cashier from the front desk noticed and I sat and talked to the front end manager about what happened. I learnt that my quiet demeanour is advantageous because she found the bit about her mouthing me off hard to believe and I told other cashiers about it too and they said it was my job to bag the stuff I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Then at the end of the line up I get a customer exactly like the first one, condescending, demanding and rude. I almost had it with people after her and I was about to go home or better yet hide under a large rock, but my manager asked me to stay an hour and half longer… I hate customers and sadly I actually wished bad things on a few customers. Nothing too evil mind you. Have people forgotten that I, the rest of the people I work with are human beings? ….guess not especially when I have heard customers refer to us as “workers.”

So….I attempted to avoid writing an angry type entry again, mostly about the trials and tribulations of being a cashier, but as you can see I have failed miserably. I could continue with the other half I was going to write, but I might get fired if they ever read my blog. Then I thought maybe I could write a Philis and Ashleigh used to be known as a Melissa and Carol story about them and meanwhile get out my frustrations in a humorous passive aggressive way. Then again I had this idea for a Christmas special, which I will draw on my negative experience and turn it into something positive for my friends and make light of the experience of being someone in the customer service industry.

I guess you could say customer service is the one profession that can turn me, as Joan would say “a red hot glowing Melissa.” I can’t wait for the Christmas shopping to be over…

P.S. Merry Christmas! I'll try to write more in the new year...


Princess Jo said...

Hmmm...poor Melissa: We miss you!

Well, that all sounds very random and maybe you should take a deep breath and chill a little. It sounds to me like you are getting a little over your head and you don't sound as happy as you used to.

Melissa, don't lose control of your life, your destiny and above all your own identity. We are all here for you, and don't you forget it.

Be your own person, honey. Don't lose everything you fought for here in Australia: independence, identity and indeed, your fashion sense!

I will be sending your Chrissy Card on Monday or Tuesday...Sorry if it wont get there in time....

Lots of love, hugs and positive thoughts,


Doctor Dark said...

Hi Melissa,

I was are pleasantly surprised by the sight of a new title under your blog on the page of my own. It's good that you took control of your entire computer. I know what it's like to have a Tony situation -- you've met my neighbour. It's exactly the same with him and my computer/wii.

Customers sound like a massive nightmare. Specially that axe wound who you described in your entry who made you cry. People being unabashedly selfish is always a horrible thing. Hopefully Ashleigh will melt her brain with the most obscure knowledge possible.

Hopefully Christmas with your family will perk you up. I is are thinking of you. I'm having a pretty lousy period myself.