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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Princess Jo!

Princess Jo, the character, the person and the Barbie doll?

It all started two years ago when I found a Barbie doll at a thrift store and for some strange reason decided to buy it. She had long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She reminded me of the Barbie in a colouring book that my brothers step mom gave me.

She sat on a shelf in my kitchen with all my other collectables; I wrapped her in a red neck scarf as I had no proper clothes for her. Then two years later while unpacking things I left behind when I went to Australia and I find her amongst the random junk I saved. That still makes no sense to me.

I constantly tried to fix the red scarf not sure how I managed to make her presentable back then. She sat on my bookshelf next to my computer desk. Finally I felt bad for her clothing impairment so I bought her a cheap pink princess like dress at the dollar store. Then I suddenly remembered the character and the person and Princess Jo was born. Princess Jo which of course you know stands for:


As Princess Jo continued to sit near my computer desk, I was sometimes compelled to fiddle with her hair to see if I could make it more presentable. On Christmas Eve, I decorated the dress and hair with beads and buttons to make it more artistic. I was intent on turning her into an artistic piece. Then I was going to give her as a present to my moms special needs friend Erika, but I couldn’t do it. Suddenly this doll had some sort of sentimental value, which sadly had faded some by Christmas morning, but spawned a sudden fascination with my inner child.
Tony gave me a new Myscene Barbie doll, which I named Astrid Viola Morningstory for my brother’s amusement. Astrid was much nicer and prettier than Princess Jo. This caused to be PJ ignored to an extent. Later on Christmas evening Tony insisted I bring Astrid and Princess Jo out to play toys with him. PJ was degraded somewhat. She was forced to go on car rides with “GI Joe-Ken” and was danced around dizzy by Erika, then attacked by my dog Sydney, which supplied much amusement to Tony. Her new dress was damaged by rough handling from more than one party, not just the dog and her hair became out of place causing her to look like a mad woman. She was also accompanied by a broken earring and some lovely teeth mark in her face.

Luckily I restored her to her former glory. I fixed the dress and braided her hair. However, Tony still liked her ,calling her by name and inquiring if he could borrow her. I let him make use of her while he played with his toys. He was tickled pink that I was allowing him to play with something of mine. Sadly some days I would find her half dressed lying under the couch or defiled by my dog or in the process of being eaten by Sydney. I started sitting her on my dresser rather than near my computer because Tony insisted she sit with the other dollies. Despite her mistreatment I still allowed Tony to play with her, occasionally when I joined it I let Sydney in on the play too. He was the scary gromit her ate dollies. It became one of Tony’s favourite games. I didn’t mind any of this I figured she was an old doll so it didn’t really matter, but oddly she was still important.

Sadly Princess Jo’s life as a toy has expired. She ended up on the floor again a couple of evenings ago. I tried to save her from Sydney’s jaws of death and her head ripped off, breaking the piece that holds her head on. Sydney decapitated her because he hated her. THE END! Have I thrown her out yet? Nope she still sits on my dresser except she is holding her head in her pink lap. Suddenly her sentimental value has increased. I guess it’s safe to say that Princess Jo the character and Sydney might not get along either as for the person I have no idea. As for the spot the doll Princess Jo used to sit, I put a photo of the real one instead.

P.S. I started reading The Time Machine :P

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