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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Holly smokes on Sunday it will have been nine months since I came to Australia. NINE MONTHS! I honestly never thought I would make it this long. I find it odd that I am now up to nine flatmates. It’s as if I had a flatmate for every month that I have been here.

I finished another chapter of my superheroes story. You can read it here.

Strange words I have learnt from Chris and Kate:

Fallopian pie

Annoying nickname that keep getting called lately: “Tits McKenna”

I’m going to say it here because I know my friends read this blog. I seriously don’t like being called that.

Things I’ve noticed lately:

Chris and Kate still accuse me of killing characters in movies still. And now apparently so does Amy.

And for some reason every time I’ve seen Joan she keeps referring to herself in the third person. It’s quite interesting if you think about it.

I know my friends are having an influence on me. So much in fact I spoke to my Korean co-work Cho as if they were Chris or Kate. It happened like this on Friday. I was filling up the sour cream when I spilt it all over the place. I accidentally cursed. I didn’t think anyone had heard me, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Cho heard me.

Cho: You shouldn’t says bad words
Me: Shut up! I never said a bad word
Cho: Yes you say bad words
Me: Shut up! No I didn’t!
Cho: Shut up is bad words.
Me: Shut up you’re a bad word!
Cho: (gives me a funny look.) You said bad words.

Alright the phrase shut up isn’t exactly a nice thing to say. It’s more rude than bad and it’s true I shouldn’t say bad words.

This is completely unrelated but Cho annoys me. He steals jobs that the manager asks me to do and he sneaks behind me for no apparent reason. When I turn around he is just there. It’s seriously creepy.

Another random observation about work would be: When the manager Joe and Cho speak to each other in Korean. I always wonder what they are talking about.

On Thursday octogenarian pregnant old lady men were fighting over plastic shopping bags at the bus stop. Apparently one of the men’s bags broke or it was blown away in the wind. He promptly blamed it on the guy sitting beside him. There was almost a physical confrontation. They started yelling at each other and calling each other bastards. It was the stupidest thing. Surprisingly the others waiting for the bus paid no attention to this altercation. I silently observed this while a lady with 80s style hair with bad smelling perfume sat beside me. However, once my bus came the two oldies managed to put the quarrel behind them. One of them remarked how he gets angrily easy. You think?

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Amy said...

Hey Miss Melissa! I like your new words...somehow i don't think i'll be using them anytime soon though! The Korean guy sounds cool, i think i would like him. I also like his name - Cho is awesome. I think that's hilarious about th eold man! Hahah...fighting over a bag! Hilarious!
Luv Amy