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Monday, November 13, 2006

I am writing in a writer writer wonder land!

I received good marks for my second term. They are as follows.

Introduction to Communication – HD

Cultural and Media Identity – D

Mass Media and Journalism – D

Reporting the Asia Pacific – D

For those of you who do not know:

HD means High Distinction
D means Distinction

Today I feel a sense of accomplishment. I have finished eight chapters in total of my new story that I am writing. You can read it here if you want. I think I like this story better than most of the stories have written lately.

Of course I haven’t forgotten about Wild Will. I am still writing the one about Kate. And no Kate you can’t see it until it’s finished. No one else got to see their story before it was done. *Sticks out tongue*

Nothing of importance happened on Monday. Except I slept in and mine and Amy’s Indian friend Kumar is to become my new flatmate. I have no idea when he is moving in. I think its some sort of weird coincidence. That would make him flatmate number nine.

Chris says I seem to get the weird people. For example, the movie collector, the chronic complainer, the scary drunk, and the one who speaks in a muffled garble.

On Saturday I went out clubbing with Chris and Kate. It was alright, but there was one problem. I forgot my passport and the ID I had wasn’t sufficient enough. So we had to go all the way back to my place to get it. Other than that it was alright. Although, I felt slightly self conscious, I am not really into the clubbing scene. I would rather stay home and write.

I felt like I was having bad luck. So Chris and Kate blamed me for four things that went wrong on Saturday and Sunday. I assume they were joking of course

1. Losing my passport
2. Wedging Kate’s car door into the grassy lawn, which cause her to have to dig up Chris’s lawn with garden shovel.
3. Making characters die on movies specifically by way of heart attacks and characters have near death experience.
4. Encouraging the characters make sweet sweet love.

On Friday I finally got my mom a didgeridoo. I also bought my mom and brother a boomerang, some Fantails and Minties. I have also included a Christmas card with Koala’s on it. I finally succeed in getting my family a cool present.


Johnny Menace said...

can't the characters make sweet dirty love?

Amy said...

Hey Melissa!
CONGRATS on the great marks!! I kind of hope Kumar moves in with you -- then you can tell me all the weird character traits he has!! ANd you'll get to eat curry every night! Sucks about losing your passport - bu a least it's not that hard to get around rocky - just 15 minutes and your home again! Haha...and i know you really are responsible for making those movie characters die...curse you!
Luv Amy
P.S. I'm gonna read your story now!