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Saturday, November 25, 2006

My half attempt at a contradictory apology

I have learnt the important lesson to be careful of what you write in a blog.

Apparently I offended someone very deeply and wrote some things that are particularly mean and hurtful. And because I don’t want to make matters worse, I am not going to say who this person is.

This may sound contradictory but here is my thoughts on the matter.

1. I apologize for offending anyone I know.
2. But I don’t apologize for what I wrote or said because I meant it at the time and I still do. I am sick of apologizing for how I feel.
3. The previous two statements contradict each other.
4. Also if I ever implied that you were cracking on to me….YOU WISH! I backtracked my blog and no where did I find a hint of this. I was most likely writing about someone else.
5. The above statement just contradicted the previous two statements again.
6. On second thought I apologize for nothing. Bite My Shinny Metal Ass!
7. I can “grow a back bone!” The person who said this particular phrase to me should grow a brain and leave me alone like I told them too in the first place but I guess that’s not going to happen.
8. How can you expect me to be nice to you when you say mean things about my friends?
9. You’re full of yourself. Look in the mirror you’re not all that and a box of Smarties.
10. Next time I see this person I’m plan on telling all this to his face.

This question is irritating me lately: “Are you going home for Christmas?” I am finding it really hard this month it being so close to Christmas and my family being so far away. It’s because of this question I think I snapped at a customer at work the other day.

Customer: That’s an interesting accent where are you from?
Me: Canada.
Customer: Oh cool are going home for Christmas?
Long awkward silence.
Me: You know that question is really depressing me lately
Customer: I know what you mean…
Me: Doubt it
Customer: Actually I do
Me: Actually you don’t.
Customer: Excuse me?
Me: Well it feels that way. My family is a million miles away and I can’t afford to go home.
Customer: Oh I’m sorry that must be hard.
Me: Obviously

This just proves that I am either:
A: Homesick,
B: A Bitch,
C: Both A and B,
D: Pathetic and sarcastic
E: All of the above

I am betting on the last one.

However from talking to people I found out that I’m not the only one with out their family for Christmas and for those of you who are I sympathize with you.

You know what I just realized. I have a really strange writer quirk. I switch from past to present tense a lot. Well I already realized that. What I just thought of is. My Wild Will stories they switch from past to present. I was going to fix them but then I thought that’s what makes the stories unique. It’s now become an essential element to the stories, along with the inside jokes and strange occurrences, among other things. I am also sad to say the Wild Will story I am writing now will be my last. On a good note I found away to incorporate the Wild Will characters into another story I am writing.


Amy said...

I like your writing- i think it's really funny the way you put things! Haha - i think i know the person your talking about in this blog - hope he doesn't get offended at your "bite my shiny metal ass" quote! hahahaha
Luv Amy

High Heels said...

Where's Wild Will going?? :-( Not eloping I hope? Have Mrs. Lachlan's Mom and her husband patched things up yet?