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Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Love Hate Relationship

Take note the previous entry was actually directed a more than one person.

One of which is my new flatmate Kumar. It’s because of this it has come to my attention that I have developed another love/hate relationship. For some reason he just irritates the hell out of me. We clash horribly. Kristine says it’s probably normal that the flat was mine before he moved in and he is in my territory. Interesting thought, but how come I liked her straight away. I have only ever clashed with one flatmate besides him. Don’t get me wrong he is nice guy and I am sure he means well but it’s just the odd quick that gets in the way.

And take note I have said all that I am about to whinge about to this his face. Previous lessons learnt from a previous experience.

So far I have:

-Managed to be uninvited to from eating curry or any Indian food permanently. I didn’t understand that when you share with people in India everyone is automatically invited. If I known I might not have had dinner previously and decided to love lamb liver.

-Angered him because I have a bad habit concerning the dishes. This one annoys all flatmates I have had; except for Kristine she seems pretty slack about them too.

- Learnt to put the toilet seat down on a permanent basis. I feel like taping it down just to see how he likes it. It’s pretty much expected in western culture that when I guy uses the toilet seat and there are girls living in the same area. The toilet seat should be left down.

- Learnt the air conditioner although it is there for our use is apparently not allowed to be used because it costs money. Even though there is no way of telling who is using it its still bad and were all supposed to endure the heat. It’s not my fault certain housemates particularly Kristine use the air-con on at night.

-Had my Brita jug contaminated by spit because he is too lazy to use a glass.

- I am apparently to spendthrift, eat unhealthy, sleep to much. And I should be paid to write worthwhile not write stuff that has no meaning. As if he as even read anything I have written.

-Offended him on certain the issues, particularly homosexuality. It’s not my fault he’s homophobic! Although, I probably shouldn’t have said to him: “For someone who is so against homosexuality you seem pretty interested in Chris’s boyfriend.” Maybe because when ever he came into my room he would always ask about Jeremy. Not to mention make many unecessary homophobic comments. I also understand that homosexuality is a controversial subject. But it hurts when people say mean things about your friends.

To all this I say:



Amy said...

"For someone who is so against homosexuality you seem pretty interested in Chris' boyfriend"

-- OH MY GOSH! You said that to him???? Melissa, you are one in a million. I still like Kumar but i guess it's different when your living with him. I think it's interesting - the cultural differences!
Luv Amy

Desmond LaFawndah said...

This blog are hilarious, I'm always checking for your new entries. Seriously. :-P

So what's the story about being permanently ostracized from Indian cuisine? Did you UNCOOLIFY it?