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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Me and Mormonism Part 6: I’m no longer censoring myself!

I’m making my blog public again!

Well it appears I have neglected this space for sometime. I will admit the last few months since the “Red Sweater Apology” fiasco and how the “poisonous secret ” came out. I’ve had troubles writing. I feel like I have to censor myself. So yes there may be something’s people don’t like, but they can choose not to read it. If I wrote something offensive towards someone then they can tell me and I will try to make amends but I won’t apologise for who I am anymore. I like to write and I am brutally honest, the end!

But I digress I shall write what I came to write about…which is why I want to make it public again.

They’ve found me….I don’t know how but they found me! Actually I do, I gave them my number. I was minding my own business eating an everything bagel with cream cheese (nom, nom, nom :P) When my phone rang when who should it be but Mormon Missionaries!

Me: (eating my yummy bagel when the phone rings)

Guy on phone: Hi Melissa it’s the Missionaries!

Me: Urgh? OK?

Me thinking: WTF?

Missionary person: Can we come visit you sometime?!

Me thinking: NO NEVER!

Me: I guess….

Missionary: (sort of picking up my apprehension) OK so are you free next week sometime?

Me: Yes….Ummm I moved…

Missionary: Oh OK? Where do you live?

Me: Well I live…

Me thinking: IDIOT! Why did I just tell him that?

Missionary: OK we’ll call next week and maybe you’re free so we can visit.

Me thinking: HELP, HELP HELP!

I specifically told them when I had my name removed NOT to contact me and I thought perhaps I was lucky and they decided to accept my request. Like I’ve said before I made up my mind, my decision was final and according to them I am no longer a member, why did they wait till now to contact me. According to them I am eternally damned and I cannot receive exaltation, etc.

Thoughts like these popped up moments later:

Is this a time for apologetics?

No wait I cannot attack their faith!

Maybe this is an opportunity to tell someone from the church how I really feel?

Are they trying to reconvert me?

If I am no longer and inactive member does this mean I am investigator again?

God help me!

Why didn’t I just tell them on the phone I wasn’t interested?

I could have mentioned how I am no longer a member?

I could talk to the pastor of my church?

No, no I should face them on my own. They are not bad people!

Religion and I are like oil and water, we just don’t mix well. Last night I dreamt I was standing before a large lake wearing a pretty gold robe and the pastor baptised me. Just before this I felt sickening anxiety I DID not want to do it, but I told myself that I should get it over and done with because I do believe. During the baptism which magically was in the baptismal font I inhaled water and drowned. I believe in God, but I don’t want to be tied down to any specific denomination. I am OK to call myself Christian, but I don’t want to be a Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, etc. I just want to believe in God, frequent a church that believes in Him too, but no one seems to understand that.

P.S. I miss my doggy :(

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