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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A poisonous secret!?

THIS POST HAS BEEN DELETED Despite the fact the damage has been done! If anyone wants to read the original post I have it still, not that I would recommend it. I go back on my decisions all the time. I do not however apologise for my feelings. They are real however irrational they are.

Melissa :)


Lidia said...

Hey miss melissa ;-)

I don't often have continual dreams like this, but I have had dreams like this where I just fixate on someone i really dislike. I think it is frustration of some sort, that we can't say it in real life because there are too many limitations (in this case, its the group and Mr Such and Such :-P) Either way, I'm sure you are more fabulous in every sense!!


P.S. The mini-skirt isn't really a faux pas from church (as long as its not too short) but the fish net stockings definitely are!! That's just gross...

Anonymous said...

It's not going to be a secret for long as long as you keep this blog linked to your facebook page, so that all the people in this group of friends can come here and read about themselves and eachother. I think it's healthy to process your feelings and thoughts through writing, but remember that it is the internet, and this could cause a lot of embarrassment and angst between you and those featured in your postings, who, actually, are easily identifiable, (by events, not your descriptions or judgments), if you know them personally. :)

Princess Jo said...

Ugh, so complicated, and yet I am going through the same thing right now (albeit with different circumstances).

Your blog is your space: my perspective is that if people don't like what you write, they have the choice to stop reading. Like everything in life it is a gamble, and all I will recommend is to not put out any more than you are willing to lose.

Friendships are such complicated things, more then we give them credit for. For me, I do like my friends, it is just at times, I don't like the things they do (ie they hurt me etc), and generally, for jealousy reasons.

I chose not to keep my jealousy and particularly, pain a secret. For me, it virtually destroyed a friendship, because for whatever reason, the person involved wasn't ready to hear it. In saying that, I am glad in some ways that I spoke up, because it meant I didn't become as bitter as I could.

I say, do what your heart tells you to do.