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NERD nerdy retarded weird girl central...well mostly my mussings and random interludes whilst I am working towards getting a car and licence so my random adventures and time spent in Australia was worth while. It should be intersting Enjoy! While in Australia...I was sunburnt,went to Sydney and wrote my first novel. So far back in Canadia I have been couch hoping and meandering from city to city. More adventures to come. Hopefully they are as interesting as my Australia ones.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The sunburnt tale…

One upon a time on a fiery yet beautiful Sunday afternoon a fair skinned nerdy (not weird or retarded anymore) girl was forced into labouring in a garden by a robust heavy set well tanned gardening type middle aged female of the mom variety. Fair skinned girl has skin as white as snow and having her head in the clouds as she usually does forgot to bring…

A: A hat

B: Sunscreen (SPF 50 or more I kid you not…)

T’was a silly mistake because she knows that she does not tan she BURNS! This was followed by a enormous headache from lack of hat but a very nasty burn. The next two days after were very painful and on the third day as she was healing she became very itchy. You think after the monumental sunburn nearly four years ago in Australia where her skin blistered because of it and took a week to heal she’d remember such a simple item as sunscreen? Apparently not!

This fair skinned girl is me! And the gardening mom is of course Hev-Lady. So what did I learn from this experience? To bring sunscreen, wear a hat and that gardening isn’t so bad despite the creepy tent caterpillars landing on me yuck!

Anyways I put vitamin e on it, but my dog Sydney kept licking it off…it went somewhat like this.

Me: Owe my entire arms!’

Sydney: Sniff sniff….hmmm this seems to taste good.

Me: Arghgghghgh! Go away Sydney!

So I tried Aloe Vera and the same thing happened. He followed me around giving me a lickin’ for being a bad girl and forgetting sunscreen.

And a big thing I learnt but probably already know people sure love to state the fucking obvious. I am at work and my arms are bright red no thanks to the fluorescent lighting. I think every single customer mentioned my sunburn or asked me what happened when it was blatantly obvious. I just smiled and nodded and of course they wanted to know how I got the lovely burn. Did I go to the lake? Or perhaps did I fall asleep outside? Etc, etc… What really made it all worth while was when some guy thought it would be funny to poke me and when I said owe he laughed and told me to use Aloe Vera. Then the next day a customer patted me on the arm on my sunburn. It hurt I said owe. He laughed and said sorry and continued to pat my arm. Arghhh! Is it me or some people too stupid to be let out in public?

I really don’t know what else to write about….

P.S. I moved house!

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