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Friday, May 14, 2010

Dirty Old Randomness

In a few weeks I will be embarking on a whole new adventure. No more Hev-Lady! I shall out on my own as well as some much need privacy. I kid you not I am moving because my current room has no door. There is some nice green vinyl blinds and a curtain I attacked to keep the light out at night. No door means no privacy as sometimes I’ll be in the middle of getting dressed and my mother swings the curtains/blinds wide open to talk about toot (more often then not) and then there is noise because Hev-Lady stays up till all hours sometimes and all I hear is the TV. I will also finally have my bed sans dog and cat, not that I do not enjoy there company, but I’d like to stretch around with out an pregnant old lady dog grunting at me or hear the dog snore continuously. On a positive note I think if I ever married a snorer now I’d be able to handle it. My only space is a sardine can…I can’t wait to upgrade.

This of course means I am endeavouring to get rid or my collection of things I no longer need. Surprisingly I have been able to with minimal reluctance either donate stuff or throw it out all together. When I was 17 till about 23 I went through a phase where I really liked saving pictures from magazines for collages or just having them. I threw out a whole pile of them. I saved rocks. ROCKS! And marbles, small floor tiles, old buttons, toys, fabric, etc. I just collected the random stuff!

And for more randomness I don’t think I am quite over Pretty Blue Eyes some days. I don’t feel gushy for him or anything I am just more annoyed that I even bothered.

I finally finished some more of Fizzy Lemonade yesterday… It’s about as random as my junk collection.

P.S. Today was beautiful! But I had to work :(


Doctor Dark said...

I'd like to embark upon a new adventure someday. I sort of did the day before by volunteering at a hospital kiosk, serving pregnant old lady men and their pregnant old lady wives all day long. Also, a tin teardrop. Beautiful days are the best! Work is sucksorz!

Hope you're doing okay. I shall write you a long, stern e-mail since I am out of the loop. :-|

Anonymous said...

those are some pretty harsh words about this person who "won him over". I wonder if any of your friends read this blog, or if she could possibly find out what was written here. That wouldn't be very much fun for you.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, in regards to "some random old dirty and used female", do you believe in forgiveness???