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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

10 things I did by 10 p.m. tonight!

Can I write a blog entry in 10 minutes or less?

Yes I can! I shall share with you 10 things that happened today….

  1. I got in a heated political, cultural societal discussion with a fellow bus passenger. She annoys me! You can tell she is highly intelligent mind you.
  2. Learned my mom apparently has a bus-husband and therefore I have a step bus father! It’s hard to explain. His name is Mike by the way, no relation to the character I created.
  3. Thought about the steps I need to take to publish my work.
  4. Had a dastardly young man or adequate intelligence and appearance make flirty with me at work today. :) It took me a few minutes to realise it.
  5. Anthropomorphisation is a word. It means to ascribe human characteristics to something not human. I have a platitude of anthropomorphised characters in my works. There is always a talking dog. Always!
  6. I worked on my novel.
  7. I fraternised with fellow co-workers. I like talking to them.
  8. I am at Tim Hortons wasting time waiting for the entire bus as always! Stupid 11 – 7 shifts!
  9. I partook in a free coffee from McDonalds. (Timmy’s is better!)
  10. I got caught day dreaming by the new front end manager!

P.S. I am hell of a tired! I still haven’t figured out the anonymous commenter yet!


Anonymous said...

fatigue is a way of your body saying that you need to slow down! btw, daydreaming is nice. i needed it yestrday!. have a good day:)

Anonymous said...

payday huh? nice